Aries Face

"You intoxicate my soul with your eyes"

- Aries Billie Holiday

As the warrior of the zodiac, Aries have a heroic staring into the distance kind of eyes.

The Mars-ruled fire sign will look you straight in the eyes directly focusing on making eye contact to command your attention. The eyes are penetrating! They ooze confrontation, competition that say, "Dare ME!" and when their passion is sparked the rams eyes sizzle with excitement.

The eyes of Aries are sharp, alert, wide-eyed, intense/very focused and often almond shaped. However, even through their fierce gaze you can sometimes catch a sheepish look in them. They hold straight eye contact and seem to have a bored look unless they are talking about an interesting subject. The aries signature are their brows, which are very pronounced; usually straight or sometimes an arch that frames the outer edges of the forehead which gives a ram like appearance.

Aries are impulsive, independent and typically have an enormous amount of physical and mental stamina. Rams have competitive spirits! They don't worry about limitations and want to be the first and the best in all situations. This behavior leads to the classic "mars mark", which is a scar near the eyebrows or forehead. The scar can be so small it's barely noticeable but if you look close enough you can always spot one! Like in the pictures of these aries ladies below just click on the image and it will open with a clue.

Some rams are born with a beauty mark on the forehead or near the brows but more often, the mark is a scar from some daring activity. This is also true if mars, ruling planet of Aries, is strong in your natal chart. The mark is also seen when Mars is on the ascendant (in any sign) and or square the ascendant, ruler of the ascendant or any of the lights -- Sun or Moon.

The mark is often styled with sweeping bangs, hats, bandanas or blended into Aries ruddy complexion i.e. freckles. (More on Aries Style Here) Hollywood tends to photoshop out Aries ruddy complexions and with scar reduction creams and photoshop it's hard to sometimes see real and raw aries features.

Yes! Mars creates RED and aries tend to go red at least once in their lifetime as the color suits their complexion.

Aries have strong and long jawlines! The chin is often a tell and almost appears to be caricature like, protruding when they smile.

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