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Cosmic Updates

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Stay Haute


Cosmic with 

Astrological Astrostyling based on your star sign. 

Retrograde Retreat!

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Planetary &

mantra infused astro candles

 crystals and divination tools at the shop.

Haute and cosmic astrostyling based on your zodiac sign.

All natural planetary infused candles. 

Available astrology readings around the globe.

Horoscopes, celestial updates and more. 

"You intoxicate my soul with your eyes"

- Aries Billie Holiday 

 As the warrior of the zodiac, Aries have a heroic staring into the distance kind of eyes. 

The Mars-ruled fire sign will look you straight in the eyes directly focusing on making eye contact to co...

Cancer Stellar Style Guide

"She passes with the light into another dimension of femininity." 

- Cancer fashion designer Elie Saab

Cancer's light up the night in colors of the Moon! The lunar spectrum is vast and lustrous ranging from shades of shimmering silver hues, glis...

The feral fire sign of the zodiac have fiercious features. The eyes have a playfully seductive look, like “look at me, aren’t I charming?”. I always think of Megan Fox’s expression (leo Moon). Leo's have heavy eyelids that make them appear lion-like from blinking slowl...

Get the enigmatic allure of Pisces with mermaid skin! 

Pisces beauties have a mysterious shape-shifting je ne sais quai. The facial features are often fishy, resembling mermaids. You can create the ethereal and captivating beauty of Pisces with mermaid skin using a tech...

Capricorn's often have somber eyes that look like they are working some sort of magic you don’t know about. Through their composed and serious gaze there is a sultry allure. Capricorn is the sign of the horney- goat, so their eyes ooze with lust. Just watch and you can...

Going out on the glamorous and enchanting Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Moon? Follow these Leo Lunar Eclipse style essentials...

Eclipses are always connected to the dragon's of the celestial sphere! The Lunar eclipse will be on the North Node, the dragons he...

I came. I saw. I contoured.....

One of Capricorn's most amazing features are their chiseled cheekbones. It's the sign of supermodel central! The facial architecture is steep and structured. This is because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet which rules over bones....

 Boss Babe

Sexy business attire is definitely a Capricorn style statement. Collared ensambles, pant suits, low plunge blouses paired with a blazer exude confidence and career driven. The sultry sea-goat's style strength lies in restraint; tailored trousers, structured d...

Aries Stellar Style Guide

"One thing that is exciting about fashion is the surprise element." 

- Aries fashion designer Marc Jacobs

Red, Haute....Bombshell

Red is the Aries power color. It's the color of passion and blood. It's bold, daring, jaw dropping, show-stopping. Al...

Transform yourself and channel the depths of your inner soul with a darker shade of rouge ♏️ 

Scorpios can pull off dark lip shades effortlessly with their vampiresque ancient voodoo priestess vibes. Of course, any zodiac sign can successfully pull of this bold lip...

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Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more.


Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more.

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