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Capricorn Halloween Costume

Capricorn Halloween Costume Guide...


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which rules the skeletal system in the body. The skeleton is a super spooky and yet sexy Halloween costume, perfect for capricorn.


Vampires are seductive, alluring and immortal; making them fall under the influence of Saturn, the greater malific, which rules over the undead. Jupiter rules blood making the vampire Jupiter in Capricorn, the placement of Jupiter's fall.

Willy Wonka

For decades, Wonka was a recluse, working and living in his chocolate factory. Only to open, to teach children lessons on following rules. Wonka's character is like Saturn, since when the children misbehave his chocolate factory has serious consequences.

Grim Reaper

Saturn, ruler of capricorn, is often represented and associated with the Grim Reaper. Saturn rules time, decay, death and he only appear's when your time is up.

The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe had his Sun and Mercury in Capricorn cazimi, known for his Saturnian dark poetry. Poe and his Raven are a perfect couples costume for capricorn, since ravens symbolize the veil between the world of the living and the dead.

White Rabbit

The white rabbit is a perfect Halloween costume for capricorn. He is always seen with a pocket watch, which is ruled by Saturn because he is the ruler of time. In one variation of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland he attacks using his watch by manipulating time.

They Call Me the Devil

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