Cat-Eye Dark Moon Musings

Creating the purrfect cat-eye can be tricky but with the Moon now in Leo transiting into detail oriented Virgo you should have your cat-eye blended to perfection in no time!

Create your femme feline cat-eye with these beauty tips...

Liquid or creme vs a pencil liner is a personal preference, of course this all depends on the kind of cat eye you are going for. If you are going to be using a creme or pencil liner you make sure to set your cat-eye with eye shadow so that it doesn't crease unless you are going for Fendi''s Fall 2015 runway look.

There are the softly subversive cat eyes, the Bardoesque, the futuristic, the classical, the Amy Winehouse and so forth. To get a sultry cat eye, start by tracing your eyeliner from the inner tear ducks, the innermost part of your eye. The tear ducts should be the thinnest part of your cat eye and then the liner should get thicker towards the end of your eyes.

The most difficult part of the cat eye is the the wing. Take your eye liner and measure the width of the end of your eyes to the end of your eyebrows, this is where you will want to draw your liner up and out creating a wide-eyed feline effect. Make sure to start the wing before the edge of your eye, here is an image below on where to start the wing.

If you are having trouble getting your cat-eye sculpted to perfection, no worries. Make sure you always have pointed q-tips on hand with some makeup remover, these will be your life saviors when creating any future eye looks.

Finish your cat eye with Mascara and you are all set! If you are going with a feline look try L'ORÉAL Voluminous Feline Noir Mascara in Ferocious Black.

If you decide to create your own cat eye look during this dark moon be sure to hashtag your cat eye with #hauteandcosmic on Instagram. I will be featuring the best and most creative cat eye! Here is some cat eye inspo down below to get your haute and cosmic creative juices flowing.

Cat Eye Inspo

Glittering Punk Cat-Eyes on the Anthony Vaccarello Runway

Muted Mink Egyptian Eye of Horus Cat eye at Givenchy

Teal Two-toned Cat Eye at Atelier Versace Fall 2014 Couture

Blue Crush 60's inspired cat-eye at Anna Sui

Geometric-liner look with a futuristic twist at Altuzarra

Extreme Cat-Eyes at Christian Dior

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