Simple Astro Breakdown

My Sun Sign: My unique individuality, spirit and life force. How I act. How I deal with the world. Where I shine. My father and males in general.

My Moon Sign: How I deal with emotions. How I feel. My mother and females in general.

My Rising Sign: My projection. Who I am. What I look like. My physical body.' The ship that I sail in'

Mercury: My state of mind. How I think and communicate

Venus: How I love. Who I attract. My relationships. Love.

Mars: My driving force. What I desire. How I deal with conflict.

Jupiter: Where I find luck. Where I expand

Saturn: Where I find work. Where my life is delayed. My ability to discipline myself

Uranus: Where I shock people.

Neptune:Where I'm deceptive. My imagination and dreams. My delusions and fantasies.

Pluto: How I transform and renew myself

North Node: What needs to be developed in this life. Where I am hungry no matter how full I am

South Node: What I have. Where I starve myself.

MC : My public persona. How others view me on the internet. My career

IC: My ancestry and parents. Who I really am. My foundations and roots. My home.

DSC/ 7th House: My relationships both business and romantic partnerships. My open enemies.

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