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Sagittarius APRIL  Horoscope

Love is in the air! The New Moon on April 7th pops off in your solar 5th house of love & passion.  However, this Moon is also in close aspect to Uranus. Meaning there may be surprises that are just too much to handle. You already have a load to deal with since Saturn has been transiting back and forth over you Sun since 2014.  


Uranus is the planet of freedom and erratic change so this transit may just mean that your romantic life or anything to do with 5th house matters is not so stable. Anyway, you're a sagittarius and you like space to roam free like the archer you are.


Saturn has been traversing over your Sun/Solar 1st house. This transit may cause feelings of self restriction, limitation's and or even depression..Since Saturn rules your solar 2nd house this may have a direct affect on your values and resources. Typically a transit from Saturn over your Sun will bring in more responsibility creating self limitation. 


On April 17 Mars will go retrograde over you Sun/ solar 1st house. Mars rules your 5th house of love, passion, creation and 12th house of secret enemies, self undoing and confinement. Mars retrograding over your Sun will have an impact on 5th and 12th house matters. Mars rules vitality, desire, war, surgery,  sex and drive. With mars on your Sun there is potential for drive and motivation but also risks since Mars rules war. You may have more confidence which leads to ambition. Maybe you will be able to tap into your 12th house which is the house of the unconscious or manifest your spirituality. 


Jupiter your ruler is aligned with the North Node of the Moon in your solar 10th house of career. On April 14th Mercury in taurus will align in your 6th house of health and routine with Jupiter in your 10th. This is an ideal time to handle and take advantage of matters related to work, vocation health and daily routine before Mercury goes retrograde at the very end of the month in Taurus. 


The Full Moon on April 22nd will pop off in your solar 12th/6th house axis. Anything that has been behind the scenes will come to its surface on this day. Venus and Uranus will be in conjunction during the Full Moon so anticipate events revolving your house of romance, creation, hobbies and children.

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