Venus Candle

Venus Candle


The Venus Candle is perfect during a Libra/Taurus Moon/Venus transit.
Venusian and magically appropriate scents/essences to conjure love, beauty, and resources. Light the Venus Candle to activate Venusian qualities in your life and spark any attraction of your hearts desire!

An enchanting blend of Rose, Ylang, Patchouli, Amber & Rose Quartz.

Can be used as an ambiance aphrodisiac to invoke others desire's as well.

Cosmic Candles are planetary infused candles. Each separately and esoterically handmade under planetary transits and phases to invoke the spirit of each celestial body. All candles are made with 100% organic and eco-friendly soy wax, creating a smooth and creamy soy candle that burns slow and clean. Candles are made in small batches using quality essential and fragrance oils infused with herbs, flower essence & planetary charged crystals.

  • The Venus Candle

    About The Venus Candle: An ambiance aphrodisiac to help unlock inhibitions and build self confidence. The rose is sacred to the goddess of love and erotic passion. When the grieving goddess cried over her dead lover's body, her tears dropped onto his blood and from it arouse a rose bud. Thus, the rose is very potent in love magic to heal and protect the hearts of star crossed lovers. The smell of Patchouli is very faint because there are only 5 drops. The number five is symbolic of the five pointed star Venus draws in her synodic cycle, also referred to as sacred geometry. Patchouli is used to induce erotic passion. Ylang is a powerful earth scent of Venus used to draw resources such as money. The scent of amber is warm, musky, rich and honey-like, and is also a scent of the Sun. However, Amber originated from Phoenician jainitar ("sea-resin") Aphrodite was born from sea foam which was created when the castrated sperm of Uranus was thrown into the ocean. This is why Aphrodite is most often depicted standing on a sea shell.