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Teal Geode Lamp

Teal Geode Lamp


Teal Geode Lamp 


High quality + high vibe  agate geode


Comes with bulb and cord.

Planetary charged and mantra infused.

Standard Quality  + more in the drop down menu!


Size will slightly vary due to the geodes natural pattern.

Weight (total): 6 - 8 pounds 


Weighty and elegant


Made of natural polished agate.


Natural items, product varies from image.

These mineral bookends are here to bring magical vibes to your sacred space.

 made from real, natural agate geode from Brazil.

Features sliced base, unique color and crystalline formations.


The higher the grade in the drop down menu , the more crystal formations !


  geode formation, while the outside shows off the rocky exterior. Perfectly sized to keep rows of your favorite reads upright on any mantel or shelf.

Natural stone with different size for each piece.


Grades go by agate value which may consist of more crystal - druzy - build-up, druzy cavities and holes on the face and or back, reverible - light emots front and back, more banding, 


Made with love, light, and planetary energy, cleansed before I ship out to you.


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