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Selenite Heart Holder

Selenite Heart Holder


Selenite Heart Candle Holder comes planetary charged and mantra infused.

Comes with (1) Cosmic Candle tealight.

The name selenite comes from the Greek words "selene" meaning "moon," and "lithos" meaning "stone," because it was believed to wax and wane with the moon.

Metaphysically speaking, selenite is known to help with awareness, understanding the deeper meaning in any given situation, strengthening decisions, and encourages good business practices.

This listing is for 1 Selenite Fluted Heart Tealight.

Selenite Fluted Heart Candle Holder

Natural Moroccan Selenite hand-carved into a beautiful heart shaped tea-light holder.

Use Selenite to cleanse the energy of your space. Selenite is like liquid light, it vibrates with a flow of bright, positive energy. Not only does selenite purify the crystals and environment that surrounds it, it also never needs to be recharged
Measures approximately 4" Length x 2" Heigh

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