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Amethyst Cathedrals

Amethyst Cathedrals


Amethyst Cathedrals come planetary charged and mantra infused.

Precious and Semi-precious gemstones have been used since recorded history and probably before, for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Healers all over the world are using them. Amethyst is said to be the stone which promotes a sober mind. Good for concentration and cognition.

Sizes come in minis to tall measuring 2- 10"  inches in height;

Sizes vary by weight as well. Message me for cherry picking your Cathedrals.

Small:2- 2.5 "
Gorgeous mini sized | polished dark purple amethyst.

Medium- 2.5- 3.5"
Medium 3.5 will not be as wide as Large in 3.5"

Large - 3.5 - 5"
3.5 Larger will be much longer in width than medium and weighs more.

XL - 5 - 8.5"

XxL - 9 - 12" Gorgeous Grape Amethyst
Weighs 7 lbs  

Metaphysical Properties:

Amethyst: is a natural stress reliever that also encourages inner strength, spirituality and intuition. It attracts positive energy while ridding the body or your home of negative energy. Promotes sobriety, helps break addictions; encourages spiritual awakening and peace; transformation and meditation; calms, balances, and clears aura.

• Spiritual insight
• Promotes a sense of good judgment
• Encourages a quiet and calm mind
• Aids in meditation to find deep inner peace
• Comfort at times of loss or grief
• aids sleep, dreaming, inspiration and intuition
• Helps balance the crow chakra

A healing stone of spiritual growth and protection. Amethyst can remove energetic debris from the nadis, which are channels for energy to flow through the body and in between the chakras. Amethyst is a highly spiritual and protective crystal that also provides emotional support. Amethyst is believed to enhance intuition, inspire creativity and encourage peace and stability. Helps to stimulate the crown chakra and calm your thoughts, making them a wonderful healing gemstone to meditate with. One of the most important of the amethyst properties is its ability to attract positive energy while simultaneously ridding your body of negative energy--which includes feelings of stress, fear and other negative emotions.


This listing is for 1 amethyst cathedral. 

Made with love, light, and planetary energy, cleansed before I ship out to you.

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