Libra Horoscope

On April 6th Mercury enters your 8th house of transformation, other peoples resources, occult and latent talents ready to manifest. Hermes in your 8th will have a direct impact surrounding travel, spirituality, life direction, foreigners, secrets, and will most likely manifest from help behind the scenes since he is also the ruler of your 12th house.


Venus your planetary ruler enters her sign of detriment in Aries on April 6th. Luna will also join the Sun in his exaltation in your 7th house of of partnership. The 7th house rules over those things which are open and that we know of because the opposition is in direct line of our vision. Since the Moon rules your 10th and the Sun your 11th house you may surprisingly take action towards your career, hopes, dreams, and wishes. Since the New Moon in Aries is in tight aspect to Uranus and in opposition to your Sun you may decide you want to spontaneously undertake a journey or adventure. After all the New Moon is ruled by the fiery planet of desire and passion which has been transiting your 3rd house of daily routine.. Since, Saturn has also been traveling through your third this may be where you have been working your ass of or experiencing delays. However, Saturn is trine your Sun so this energy should be manifesting as an easier drive for your Sun i.e. spiritual mission. 

On the down, the New Moon closely tied to Uranus in your 7th house of partnership. This may stir up erratic change which wasn’t expected.  However, since you are a cardinal sign you deal with change much easier and actually enjoy things to be in motion as long as it doesn’t disrupt the peace.With Uranus in the 7th square Pluto there may be some chaos which you have already been dealing with. Since Uranus co-rules your 5th and you have all this Venus action going on in your fiery sign of partnerships this may be around your love life. However, this leads to some powerful transformation and rebirth .  2014 zap zone has come to and end so the New Moon was the last of Uranus/Pluto. 

The planet of desire, passion, war and drive will go retrograde on April 17th through June 29th. Again this is going to highlight your partnerships. As well as your  2nd house of personal assets and resources. Since Mars will be in your 3rd rx just be careful around daily routine and don’t make and rash decisions when it comes to your finances or partnerships. The 7th also rules business as well as romantic partnerships. So this area may get a little stirred up. Alow yourself to marinate on decisions till later when the fiery planet of war goes direct on June 29th when it comes to business and finances.  

On April 22nd there will be an intense Full Moon at 2 degrees scorpio in your 2nd house. The second house rules your resources, assets, talents and earning capacity. Since the Moon rules over your solar 10th house of career the second house full moon will highlight your social status, and profession. Venus your ruler will be in conjunction to Uranus during this full Moon in your Solar 7th house highlighting partnership , values, resources and sex. 

The messenger god will go retrograde on April 29th to to May 22nd in the sign of the bull - Taurus. Hermes will be retrograding in your 8th house. So make sure you have you’re taxes paid, student loans paid, finances taken care of and or trip to foreign lands planned and paid for before April 29th.