Capricorn Horoscope 

On April 7th the New Moon aligns in your 4th house of home and foundations. With Uranus in your 4th things have prob. been hectic and erratic when it comes to your foundations and home life. Either you feel like you need freedom from the home or you’ve been moving a lot. The New Moon completes the cycle of Pluto/Uranus since 2014. So a struggle which has caused much chaos has now come to a closing. However, when one door closes another opens; 


The planet of war, passion and desire will go retrograde  on April 17th until June 30th. Transits to the 12th house activate and and bring issues to the forefront which you may have no control over. Since Mars is the planet of movement, war, desire and action  and the 12th house is the house of self undoing be wise with your actions during this time. Past behavior patterns which you have become completely unconscious of may now arise. Getting into a spiritual routine may help ease and bring awareness to your unconscious self.  12th house transits usually lead to some kind of isolation . This may just be that you are at home or that bc your house of friends is under construction you may find yourself around people or groups which you are not familiar with.



Saturn your planetary ruler is also retrograde this month and in your 12th house. Saturn is the karmic task master and the 12th house is the last house of the zodiac. This transit is ideal for finishing up old projects or circumstances to start a new when Saturn starts his new cycle. Don't judge yourself just recognize the patterns so you can break the old system and create a new. You may feel like the hermit during this time turning inward towards yourself to light a new way of being and doing. Doing this will reap rewards in your 2nd hose of assets, talents and resources and also your spiritual mission and physical vitality.


On April 5th he messenger god will enter your 5th house of love, passion, creativity and speculation. Mercury will trine your Sun so your creative expression will be in line with essence of your heart. This is an ideal time for expressing yourself in artistic matters; writing, poetry, singing, reading. This in turn will have a direct affect on n your 6th house of work and health and also the 9th house of long distance travel, spirituality and your life direction. On April 29th Mercury will go retrograde it will be an opportunity to internalize your outward mercurial nature which was expressed during his direct phase. Of course, the rule of thumb is not to sign any papers or make any major decisions during a Mercury retro. Mercury will trine Jupiter on the 14th of April which is a good opportunity to seal up deals if you are planning a trip or doing business over seas. This is also a lucky day since the NN is tied in the look so expect some karmic abundance your way.


On April 22nd we will have an intense Full Moon at 2 degrees of Scorpio. This will illuminate your 11th house of friends, groups,wishes and dreams. On April 22nd we will have an intense Full Moon at 2 degrees of Scorpio. This will illuminate your 11th house of friends, groups,wishes and dreams. There may be a very deep emotional period between you and the people you are around, or you may feel an emotional need to connect with your friends. With the Moon as the ruler of your 7th house this will def. be about partnership and even your love life. Since the Sun will be in the opposite 5th house you may be socializing around your creative sphere. Venus the planet of love and beauty will be conjunct spunky, erratic and innovative Uranus in your 4th house.