Saturn and Mars -your planetary ruler - are currently in positive energy flow to you since they are in Sagittarius which trines your Aries Sun.  Anywhere Saturn is in our charts is where we are usually dealing with delays and obstructions. Currently Saturn and Mars are both traveling in your 9th house. So you may find some delays or restrictions from  higher education, your spiritual mission, spirituality and long distance travel. Since, Saturn also rules your 10th house of  career you can ancicipate some restrictions or even a promotion which will give you more responsibility. Since the New Moon was tied with Uranus we nevere know what curve ball will be thrown at us.  Uranus and Saturn are also the planets which rule over your 11th house of friends and orginizations you belong to. Maybe your job will somehow restrict you from the group or there maybe some limitation centered around orginizations. Don’t let any one doubt you during this time. If you change jobs this is because Saturn in your 9th house is trying to align you with your true vocation.  Trailblaze towards your goals with this sudden new feeling of inspiration Promethean style!


From Arpil 8 to the 18th iit will be an energetic period. The Moon will enter your second house of resources right after the New Moon. Venus is also in Aries on your Sun. Venus is the planet of love, values and erotic passion. Venus on your Sun should be great for romance since you will feel a hightened adoration for yourself and feel magnetic. Venus also gets your creative and artistic juices flowing. This is a perect time to visit a museum and be sociable with friend's or lover. Vensu rues your 7th house of partnership and your second house of rescources. So this is a great time to spark an attraction. 


Mars your planetary ruler will go retrograde on Antares on April 17th till the end of June. The planet Mars has to do with physical vitality, desire, drive, passion, kundalini energies and war. Antares is a fixed star located in the heart of the Scorpion. This has to do with passion and gain. Mars rules your Sun (Solar first house) and also your 8th house. Mars going retro is a time not to make any rash desicions it more of a time to prepare for what needs to be done. Read my Mars retrograde post onmy blog for more info. Mars will retro in your  9th solar house. You may be motivated in getting into a spiritual practice or exploring your  your inner warrior. If this is done your 8th house will be activated and you will feel transformed. Also make sure that you have paid your taxes and have yur finances under control. The 8th house is also related to other peoples money, that means the governments money.


Mercury will go retrograde on April 29rd in your 2nd house of $ and assets. This is a time to re-evaluate any communications before making any major desicions. You may find that you run into an old freind from your area or get back in contact with someone. 


The Full Moon on April 21st will be at 2 degrees scorpio will illuminate your  8th and 2nd house axis. The second house rules over your talents, assets and values. The 8th house is other peoples rescorces, trandormation, death ,sex and occult. This full moon may point to irrevocable change , an ending or completion of somesort.