Virgo Horoscope

On April 5th your ruler - Mercury - will enter taurus in your solar 9th house of spirituality, higher education, foreigners, and long distance travel. This will have a direct affect on your Sun and your your 10th house of career. Mercury will also be in positive energy flow to your Sun in Virgo and transiting Jupiter and North Node in your 1st Solar house. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance and the North Node represents gains. From April 5th to June 13th there should be an opportunity to tap into your spiritual mission, higher education, long distance travel or even meet your second husband ( the 9th house rule the second marriage in astrology). With the South node and Neptune in your solar 7th there maybe karmic and dreamy people whom suite you in partnership.


On April 7th the Moon will conjoin the Sun at 18 degrees of Aries, which takes place in your 8th house of secrets, sex, other peoples resources and latent talents which are ready to manifest. This energy should help you tap into some resources, and ignite your inner warrior to trail blaze towards your hopes, wishes and dreams, since the Moon rules your Solar 11th and 12th house. Since the New Moon features a conjunction to the planet of freedom and erratic change 8th house issues may come to you as a surprise. Pluto will also be in a hard energy flow but in a waning aspect to the New Moon. For Virgo Pluto is in the 5th house of love romance, hobbies and creation. Squares are not always necessarily bad they are just more difficult energy to deal with. With Pluto transiting your 5th maybe you are going through a deep transformation in your love life, this can a literal birth of something which you created. 


Mars the ruler of the New Moon is currently traveling in your 4th house of home, foundations, family and roots. Since Mars rules your 3rd and 8th house anticipate the planet of action to energize the area of your day to day routine and finances. With Jupiter and the North Node on your Sun during the New Moon you should rise like a financial phoenix from the flames.


On April 21st the scorpio Full Moon will highlight your 3rd house and 9th house axis. Mars will also be activating your third house since the Moon is ruled by Mars which will go retrograde on April 17th till June 30th.Mars rules your 3rd and 8th house so anticipate the planet of action to energize area of relatives and finances. With Saturn and Mars traversing in your solar fourth house you will be trying to establish your foundations, or something maybe even revolving your home life. You may have transformations happening in your home which turns out to be some a restriction which requires a lot of activity. There are many possible examples, but you get the idea. Nothing will stay "set" for now. With Mars in your home sector, the decision is most likely to be centered on a home or family-related decision. Don't pressure yourself for an answer. You have time. This is not the right moment to make any hard and fast decisions until the retrograde of Mars is over on June 20th.In the mean time you can analyze and create a master plane.


Mercury your ruler will go retrograde om April 29th at 23 degrees Taurus in your 9th house of foreigners, long distance travel, higher education, spirituality & life direction. Just make sure you don’t make any big purchases, or big life decisions like moving across country. You may be thinking about all of the above during time. Don't be surprised if you receive a package or if someone you haven’t spoken to from another country gets in contact with you. Retrograde tend tend to pull people into our lives. This person may some how have an affect on your carer since Mercury also rules your 10th house of career. Or you may just be thinking about new ways of gaining information. Remember the 9th house is a cadent house which has to do with things which are not of this realm . You may get some insight via prophetic vision which may in turn change your social status