Taurus MAY Horoscope

"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience." - Ralph W. Emerson 

...New Moon...

Happy Birthday and Solar Return Taurus! The New Moon, Venus and Mercury will be in Taurus in the sign of your Sun and or solar first house on May 7th --  making this month all about you! The Sun represents our spiritual essence, inner self and center of purpose; and with Venus on your Sun during the new Moon you will feel a new appreciation for yourself. You may even want to pamper and take in life's luxuries!  The New Moon will surround creativity, love and power since Pluto will be in sync and in positive flow to your Sun. 



Venus on your Sun in Taurus will ignite an attraction for creativity and love! You will have a desire to relate with others. Venus will have you feeling so harmonious that you may even be able to make peace between others. You will be extremely magnetic easily attracting other towards you-- maybe people you don't even want. You can use this to your advantage on May 7th when Venus trines Jupiter in your 5th house of pleasure, creativity and love. However, do not manipulate others since people will be looking to you like you are the goddess Aphrodite herself. 

If you are a Taurus rising, Venus transit to the 1st house is a brill day to beautify yourself. If you are single maybe you hook up with your hairstylist or meet someone at the spa. Since Venus rules over your 6th house you could also meet someone at your dietician's/ doctors office and or from your personal trainer. 


..Mercury Retrograde..

The trickster planet, Mercury, will have stationed retrograde on April 28 in your 7th house of one-to-one partnerships. And since Mercury also rules your 5th house of love, an x partner may resurrect from the dead -- like Jason or Freddy Kruger but with new age technology. Also watch for miscommunication about values, morals or money with your lovers or anyone you are working on a project with.  since Hermes - Mercury -  rules your solar second house of income you should  be extra careful when it comes to making any big purchases or signing any contracts and try to wait till May 22 when Mercury stations direct. Be alert on May 9th to 11th when Mercury crosses the face of the Sun for fascinating news.  

 ...Mars Retrograde...


Mars, the planet of war, has been scorching through your solar 8th house of joint finances, transformation and latent talents which are ready to manifest. Think caterpillar -cocoon-  butterfly! Mars through the 8th can manifest as a confrontation with someone which will force you to transform. Many of times transformations happen when we become aware of something within ourselves and this usually appears through our relationships. The 8th house is the house of joint -assets and values we share with others, and you may encounter a conflict concerning these topics. You may find yourself in disagreements with your partner on $.  Mars through your 8th will stimulate the expression of yourself through sex. You are likely to seek an intense sexual relationship. 

Mars will enter your 7th house of one-to-one partnerships on  May 27th. This will create heat and activity in your business and romantic partnerships. If you are not directing the martian energy well it will manifest in conflicts with people whom you cooperate with. The seventh house also rules open enemies and you may more than likely experience this transit as conflicts and even your intimate relationships may suffer. This is bc  Mars also rules your 12th house which has to do with your unconscious mind and old habit patterns -- the house of self undoing. You may find your self slightly irritated and being aggressive.  The positive side to this transit is that Mars will severs ties you will not be willing to compromise. After this your relationships will be purified by the fiery flames of Mars in Sagittarius. 


Saturn, the karmic task master, has also in in your 8th and square Neptune since November 2015. This may have caused a burst in your fantasy bubble and old sources and support to dissolve but creating bew and realistic dreams to be built. Jupiter will square Saturn on May 22nd creating action in your creative projects and career. 

...Full Moon..

Mays Full Moon on May 21st will illuminate your 2nd and 8th house axis. This has to do with your money -2nd house-and other peoples money - 8th house. The Moon and Mars will be tightly conjoined at the very early degrees of Sagittarius. This will be a very intense full Moon to say the least. Since the theme for your Mars retro is relationships, sexuality and transformation this is what you can be expecting.Just watch out if feelings of possessions creep up since the Sun will be in your Solar second house. Watch out for power struggles, a toxic love triangle and heated arguments. Since this New Moon in Sagittarius watch as the truth unfolds information flows your way. 



The last week of May will be great for $$$ when Venus and the Sun illuminate your 2nd house of income.