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Taurus Horoscope

The New Moon on April 7th in Aries took place in your 12th house of hidden karma, hidden enemies, partner’s mental health, self-undoing, institution's and gems we forgot about from previous lives. Thus, this lunation may lead to events which lead to isolation. Pay close attention to your dreams since the 12th house belongs to the realm of dreams.  Since this lunation rules your 3rd and 4th house you may find yourself re-evaluating your living situation or having trouble getting around in your daily routine. The new Moon was tied to planet of sudden change - Uranus - there  may be unexpected events occuring. With your third house being activated maybe someone from your past comes back into your orbit. 12th house transits typically manifest in being put in a position of isolation. Pay close attention to your dreams on the 8th and 9th of April because the Moon will be traveling over your Sun.


On April 5th Mercury the messenger god will transit over your Sun and solar first house and will be there till June. This transit indicates a mental shift towards the self and your 5th house of romance, passion and creation. This is a good time to express yourself, maybe starting a journal or writing/painting your dreams since your ruler - Venus - is also in the 12th. Since Mercury is going over your Sun this is an ideal time to communicate with Men rather than woman; and since the Sun rules your 4th it may be someone in your home or maybe a Man which has passed.


Saturn and Mars are also traveling in your 8th house of sex, death, taxes and other peoples resources.. This may somehow have an affect with long distance travel, loans from higher education, or even foreigners . Mars, the ruler of the New Moon will start its retrograde in your 8th house and then traverse into your seventh house of partnership. This  may highlight money which is owed to you, or money which you owe. On April 17th secrets will be out of the open but you should not react. Mars retro periods are not a good time to take action. Read my Mars retro post for more information. Watch out for past lovers when Mars goes retrograde on the 18th in your 7th house of relationships an old flame may resurrect. 


There will be a  Full Moon at 2 degress scorpio on April 21st which will illuminate your seventh house of partnerships. Asteroid Juno will also be along side the full Moon so anticipate some romance but be aware of jealously. Juno is similar to Venus but instead of sparking an attraction she deals with commitment. Have you been faithful to someone whom isn’t committing to you 100 percent? Since Mars, rules the men in our lives maybe you will find out a secret during the full moon.  


Make sure to have all tasks accomplished before Mercury goes retrograde on April 29th. This is not an ideal time to sign papers, buy electronics or make any changes to your physical body since the retrograde will be in your solar 1st house of self. Mercury also rules your 5th house where Jupiter and the North Node are traveling. Maybe you need to go back on something you have been creating, or a romantic partnership which has been growing. 

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