Capricorn Face

Capricorn's often have somber eyes that look like they are working some sort of magic you don’t know about. Through their composed and serious gaze there is a sultry allure. Capricorn is the sign of the horney- goat, so their eyes ooze with lust. Just watch and you can catch their hedonic glare!

Narrow their eyes when displeased. Reserved eyes can create a look like they don’t like you all that much.

You can see Capricorns hard-work ethic right below their eyes! The sign is prone to gaunt-like dark eye circles from overworking themselves.

Prominent Saturnian types can also have this quality as the planet can create stress and the need to preserver above and beyond the mountain of expectation. Capricorn circles come along with big or hollow (deep-set) eyes.

Capricorns have timeless beauty! This is because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of time, structure and endurance. The sea-goat is the only sign that gets finer with age.

​Saturn rules the bones granting Capricorn the most amazing bone structure of the zodiac. Their facial architecture is steep and structured created by their lord Saturn. Capricorn or Saturnian people tend to be heroin chic. They are naturally narrow and lean, which grant capricorn a gaunt-like features that accentuates the bone structure.

The Capricorn complexion is often pale and even though they may appear to look like porcelain dolls, there is usually some kind of series imperfection. Saturn seldom leaves no imprint so the sign usually has some swartyness or crookedness. This can come in the form of freckles, or a prominent mole on the face especially if Saturn is in strong aspect.

If Saturn or Mars afflict the Sun or Moon in the natal, there may be damage to the eyes.

Capricorn hair can be as dark as the night sky or white as snow. The color can often be determined by where Saturn is to the Sun in the natal chart but usually this is better determined in combination of their family roots. Since Saturn rules the bones height can be easily determined. Afterall, It is the zodiac sign of the supermodel!

Capricorn Sun kate moss, Capricorn Moon Bridget Hall, Capricorn rising Naomi campbell, Capricorn Christy Turlington.

If Saturn is ahead of the Sun in the zodiac (Occidentall) then the color maybe more black and the body more tall and lean.

Here is an example of Taylor Swift and her chert below with Saturn Occidental !

If Saturn is behind the Sun (oriental) in the zodiac the colour may be more white and the body may be not as long.

Zooey Deschanel has her Saturn behind her Sun in the zodiac creating a shorter body type.

The brows especially on the men are thick, furry and lowering.

Lets not forget Saturn rules the ears and capricorns sometimes tend to have them slightly more accentuated!

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