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Leo Lunar Eclipse Stellar Style

Going out on the glamorous and enchanting Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Moon? Follow these Leo Lunar Eclipse style essentials...

Eclipses are always connected to the dragon's of the celestial sphere! The Lunar eclipse will be on the North Node, the dragons head, also known as Caput Draconis. This Leo eclipse will be amplified, as the North Node magnifies whatever it touches. Wear or carry something symbolic of the cosmic serpent as a talisman of abundance and fortune!

As the regal Leo Moon waxes to oppose his royal majesty, the Sun in Aquarius, she will be crowned in hues of opulent orange and blood red as she passes between the earth. This eclipse is in Leo and amplified by the North Node, so don't be shy to do dress with drama! This Leo lunation is about self-expression. Be Bold, brilliantly dressed, flamboyant and colorfully expressive!