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Capricorn Stellar Style

Boss Babe

Sexy business attire is definitely a Capricorn style statement. Collared ensambles, pant suits, low plunge blouses paired with a blazer exude confidence and career driven. The sultry sea-goat's style strength lies in restraint; tailored trousers, structured dresses with cuffs and collars and streamlined skirts which create a resolutely feminine and refined style.

Vintage Glamour

Capricorn marks the winter solstice! Classic and couture like cloths, like nubby tweeds injected in monochromatic plaids are Cap favorites. Clò Mór is tweed meaning ‘The big cloth’ worn to ward of cold winter weather. The plaid pattern contains centuries of symbolic tradition. It's always in style and looks both bold and subtle. And also has an ivy league school and also a classic contemporary je ne se que.

Femme on the Go Go

Capricorn is of feminine earth and in no way looks masculine just because they are cardinal movers and shakers. Time and time again, Capricorns style unlocks a quintessential element of femininity and on the go sophistication. By day Capricorn commands her world and by night she inspires fantasy in styles that are both glam for the office and cocktail hour.

Capricorn Sun

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Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Moon

Venus in Capricorn

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