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Pisces Solar Eclipse

This week the Sun enters the mystical sign of Pisces! Fantasy, dreams, poetry, art are all emphasized during this month. Pisces season brings an opportunity to tap into the intuitive part of the psyche and set intentions for deepest desires during the New Moon solar eclipse. This New Moon in Pisces will mark the transition of an end to a new beginning!

On February 26th, the Moon will obscure the light from our celestial sphere as she passes between the earth and unites with the Sun and the South Node. This cosmic triumvirate brings a moment of darkness as the eclipse in Pisces dissolves boundaries and summons the emergence of deep energies. The hidden mysterious realms are now unveiled for us to awaken into higher consciousness; an ability to surrender to the present, release the past and embrace rebirth, commencing into new beginnings.

The darkening of the Sun may not be visible in your location, however, the New Moon asks to take solace from our hectic lives into our own dark sanctuary. At this time, we light a candle and pause to envision a new beginning. In our hearts, in our souls, what are we willing to let go of to create a better life?