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Pisces Solar Eclipse

This week the Sun enters the mystical sign of Pisces! Fantasy, dreams, poetry, art are all emphasized during this month. Pisces season brings an opportunity to tap into the intuitive part of the psyche and set intentions for deepest desires during the New Moon solar eclipse. This New Moon in Pisces will mark the transition of an end to a new beginning!

On February 26th, the Moon will obscure the light from our celestial sphere as she passes between the earth and unites with the Sun and the South Node. This cosmic triumvirate brings a moment of darkness as the eclipse in Pisces dissolves boundaries and summons the emergence of deep energies. The hidden mysterious realms are now unveiled for us to awaken into higher consciousness; an ability to surrender to the present, release the past and embrace rebirth, commencing into new beginnings.

The darkening of the Sun may not be visible in your location, however, the New Moon asks to take solace from our hectic lives into our own dark sanctuary. At this time, we light a candle and pause to envision a new beginning. In our hearts, in our souls, what are we willing to let go of to create a better life?

Assisting with letting go, Jupiter—retrograde in Libra— favors releasing unfair relationships and re-evaluating mutual needs and values to create balance and harmony. This includes both our professional and romantic partnerships. The New Moon marks a transition to release themes of bondage and Pisces martyrdom for expansive happier and healthier relationships.

Horoscopes are most accurate when you read your rising sign. If you don't know your rising, you will need to find out what time you were born. Then you can simply enter your information on my free birth chart calculator to find what house cusp Pisces is on. Then come back to see what it's doing in your chart with these New Moon Solar Eclipse horoscopes.

Happy Birthday and Solar Return, Pisces! The New Moon in your sign favors escaping into your own inner sanctuary. Giving yourself the space to meditate on your dreams to manifest them into your future. Reflect on past heartbreak, what it has taught you about love so that you can release old limitations.

Aries, you are scorching with passion and sexuality as the planet of love ignites your ascendant. However, this New Moon will be all about bringing certain circumstances to a closing and then preparing for a new beginning. So, make sure to take some down time to pause and envision new relationships and a better you.

Taurus, this lunation asks for you to take some time out of your day to connect to your hopes and wishes so that you can manifest them. The ways you once viewed the world are now being redefined. You gain wisdom under this eclipse and a new understanding of your life, which brings you awareness and unner peace.

Gemini, a new opportunity surrounding your professional sphere may arise on this New Moon eclipse. This means that you may have to close some doors to open a new one. You may also be weighing your options when it comes to your romantic and creative endeavors. The key to these circumstances? balance.

Cancer, the New Moon assists in connecting you to your to your life’s mission and purpose. You are starting to see the big picture in relationships as well as your personal life. This is also an opportunity to explore spirituality to guide you home.

Leo, the New Moon is all about transformation and renewal of yourself creativity. This lunation will also set a new start when it comes to money and the way you deal with it. This can mean unexpectedly winning the lottery, receiving an inheritance or having to deal with joint assets, banks, paying off debts etc.

Virgo, the new Moon presents a new beginning regarding relationships.This could be true in both romantic and professional partnerships. You may also be attempting to create growth around what you truly value. Don't be afraid to communicate your feelings to create peace and harmony.

Libra, the New Moon brings a new growth cycle in your life. Give yourself some time to do some physical activity, as this will aid in bringing you clarity during the eclipse. If you have been thinking about starting a new health and beauty routine, today is the day! ​

Scorpio, the New Moon brings a surprise in your life surrounding love, romance and or creativity. This new beginning may also create a transition to support your career. An old friend or someone you see as a spiritual teacher may come back into your life as you are on a new spiritual path.

Sagittarius, the New Moon has you looking inward, reflecting on themes surrounding your home, family and your foundations. Pay close attentions to your dreams as you may find a treasure of your past here. You will also be a busy bee as your friends will be coming back into your sphere for new adventures.

​Capricorn, the New Moon puts emphasis on your siblings, kin local arena and your creativity sphere. You may receive a letter and or hear new's you weren't anticipating-- think back to last March of 2016 for clues. Your professional life may also take a turn for one that suits your true values.

Aquarius, the New Moon reveal's situations surrounding your dearest allies and assets. Your horizons expand and your life transforms as you work on manifesting what you truly value. Anticipate travel, spirituality and forms of higher education to enter your world.

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