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Haute Holiday Hand Horoscopes

Aries/Aries Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Aries, you are the first cardinal fire sign of the zodiac. Always in the lead and paving the way for others to follow. You may feel extra edgy this month with Mars, your ruler, in aquarius. From the middle of November onward, you may want to try some eccentric and avant-garde nail styles to get the full aquarian effects.

Red is your power colour - it's bold, daring, looks ravishing on your skin tone and is perfect for the holiday season. Go with two tone nails - reminiscent of a racing stripe on a sports car.

New Years Nails: Diamonds are your birthstone! Applying tiny crystals to your signature red manicure will instantly add a haute holiday spin.

Taurus/Taurus Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Your taste for earthy sensuality gives you a natural affinity for indulging in fashion trends. From mid November to December you may be feeling extra serious about work; re-evaluating and revamping your nail boudoir to represent a sensible and chic style.

Amp up your nails this holiday season with earthy shades of rich plum, eggplant, black cherry and bordeaux, just like the colour of red wine. If you have an important biz meeting, apply a delicate design on your Saturn finger to make you feel more focused.

New Years Nails: Emerald green is one of the biggest fall trends and it also happens to be your lucky birthstone. Paint a metallic emerald and apply some sparkle to your Jupiter finger to bring forth fortune and abundance into the New Year -- fortune favors the bold!

Gemini/Gemini Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Gemini you are the mutable magician of the zodiac. A multicoloured pattern with a metallic tone will keep your mind at bay while luring your lovers under the mistletoe. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will be in your house of love while the Sun and Saturn illuminate and lock down your partnerships.

In November, Mercury will be in fiery sagittarius to make a conjunction with Saturn and then move into sensual capricorn for the rest of holiday season; luring you towards darker shades.

New Years Nails: Mercury, your ruling planet, will conjoin the Sun and Moon towards the end of December in sophisticated capricorn. Luminous specks of pearl, gold and silver over a dark polish will encapsulate the New year & it's New Moon beginnings.

Cancer/Cancer Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Cancer, you are the cardinal water sign of the zodiac. Always nostalgic and ready to get the festivities started! Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will be amplifying your family and home life. Cancer rules the culinary arts, so whether you are cooking, traveling or both; celebrate the holidays by applying a coat of shimmer or glitter to battle proof your nails and access it's unchippable superpowers.

For a merry Moon manicure, apply a Christmas green and a pop of red glitter to get your nails into holiday spirit. You can also create a half Moon mani in many other colours.

The holiday season is going to be all about new beginnings in terms of relationships for you cancer. I suggest you go with deeper red or even crimson -- the colour of your love sector.

New Years Nails: Mars and Neptune will be conjunct in pisces sending mystical rays to your Sun and/or Ascendant. Embrace the energy and sparkle like the Moon, your ruling planet, with a high-shine silver manicure. Apply a mix of fine glitter confetti, lace and pearls for the ultimate New Year's Eve nails.

Leo/Leo Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Leo, you are always the life of the party! From mid November onward the Sun, your ruler, and Saturn will have you feeling serious about your romantic and creative endeavors. A black and gold geometric manicure is perfectly suited for holding a glass of bubbly.

New Years Nails: Gold is luxurious, opulent and perfect for Leo! Try a golden chrome nail polish and add tiny crystals to the bottom of your nails for a solar surprise.

Virgo/Virgo Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Virgo, it's all in the details! If you want your nails looking divine, plan your manicure ahead of time; since Mercury, your ruling planet, will be going retrograde. On November 25th, when Mercury enters your house of love, you will be ready for the fun and games of the holiday season!

As the earth angel of the zodiac, a sage green manicure will be perfect, as it's easy on the eye's and will calm those holiday nerves. Mercury retrograde proof your 5th house by glamming up your Venus finger with crystals to act as your guardian angel to draw the love and affection you desire.

New Years Nails: Mars, the planet of war, will be conjunct your house of relationships and opposite your Sun and/or ascendant. White is the colour of new beginnings! Stay heavenly yet fierce with a fresh coat of glossy winter white while still embracing Mars with studs on New Years Eve.

Libra/Libra Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Being ruled by the airy side of Venus blesses you with charm and diplomacy. With so many holiday events to attend and so little time to make a final decision, I suggest an elegant look. Suitable for your entire wardrobe, since there is a good chance you change your mind on that outfit and attend a party you didn't expect.

As Jupiter dashes through the snow and over your Sun and/or ascendant, applying flecks of icy glimmer to your Venus finger will add a winter sophistication while activating your 5th house of love and romance.

New Years Nails: It's a well known fact that most people overindulge in culinary delights throughout the holiday's. You may be having more difficulty with weight this holiday season than usual; since Jupiter, the planet of expansion, has been transiting over your Sun and/or Ascendant. You can easily distract those extra pounds with a fun, exuberant, colourful and dazzling star studded manicure.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Scorpio, you are the fixed water sign ruled by the dark lords Mars and Pluto. The Sun will be illuminating you all of November, so adding some gold accents to your nail wardrobe will have you glowing. Apply gold over black or dark blue polish to create vampy vines during this fall and holiday season.

Black is symbolic of night, magic and death. Your birthday, as well as the New Year, is all about the death of one year and the birth of a new.

New Years Nails: Scorpion nails are one of the biggest trends at the moment! A dead scorpion with the stinger still attached is applied to the nail with glitter and VIOLA! You will be headed into the New Year as powerful as ever.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Sagittarius, you possess the passionate pazazz of the bohemian. Paint on some purple - it's regal like your ruler, Jupiter. I know Saturn has had his hold on you, so if you want to stay with the darker shades, I understand. You can still embrace the dark with a purple that's almost black. Adding a touch of sparkle to your Jupiter finger will make you smile, even under a Saturn transit.

New Years Nails: The will be Sun shinning it's golden rays on you the entire month of December. You can rock a burgandy polish while still adding an exotic touch with glimmering gold brass studded gems.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

As the feminine, cardinal, earth sign of the zodiac you are a business focused boss babe. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be transiting over your Sun and/or ascendant from November to early December. Add on some nail caviar for a manicure de jour!

New Years Nails: It's your birthday season, so you're going to want to be extra glam! Capricorn is an earth sign and with the transiting Sun illuminating your natal Sun and/or ascendant, wearing natural metallic tones like rose gold over a dark monochrome manicure will create a gradient effect making you shine on New Years Eve.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Aquarius, you are the fixed air sign of the zodiac. Mars enters your sign mid November to rev up your inner-rebel! Apply a futuristic metallic azurite blue, which will create a calm and clear channel for communication with Mercury retrograde.

While metallic's appease Mercury, an icy blue will also cool off the heat of your Mars transit and still leave you embracing your inner ice queen.

New Years Nails: Venus, the planet of love, will have others magnetized to your electric beauty as she transits over your Sun and/or ascendant this New Years Eve. Apply a pearly nude base and accentuate with Indigo.

Pisces/Pisces Rising Holiday Hand Horoscope

Pisces, you are the mutable mystical water sign of the zodiac. With Neptune on your Sun and/or ascendant, escape into a neutral nude with some bubbling champagne for glitz and glamour.

Accentuate your Jupiter finger with golden champange shimmer to draw abundance, creativity and pleasure into the holiday season.

New Years Nails: You will be on fire as Mars crosses over your Sun and/or ascendant. Swipe on a shade of iridescent mulled merlot for your Mars and Neptune in Pisces transit. And don't forget to Mercury proof New Years Eve by accentuating your Mercury finger.

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