Supermoon Smokey Eye

The rarest lunation in almost seven decades will appear in mid November's night sky. The Sun and Moon will dance in seductive scorpio and sensual taurus, making this cosmic alignment an augury for romance, pleasure and intimacy. The sign of taurus exalts the Moon by bestowing her under the rulership of Venus (the planet of love, beauty and abundance). Making this an exquisite time to indulge in all the arts; culinary, poetry, fashion, music and of course, makeup.

Emphasize the beauty of your eyes with emerald smoke for scorpio seasons supermoon...

Emerald's are the luxurious and lucky birthstone of Taurus. Green is a Venusian colour being that it's the colour of life and nature; like the polarity between taurus and scorpio, its also the colour of eternity and immortality. Like Scorpio, the smokey eye is a makeup look which will never die and pairing it with an emerald shade will create a subtly sensual romantic look.

Secret Weapons & Instructions to Create Sultry Emerald Green Smokey Eye:

MAC Pro long Wear Paint Pot as eye primer

Step 1. Apply MAC's Pro long Wear Paint Pot to your lids as a base. I love this eye primer beacuse it has a natural shimmer.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Kajal - 3-In-1 Khol Eyeliner

Step 2. Using your black kohl eyeliner pencil draw a thin straight line into your lashline from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner.

Black Up Smokey Khol Pencil in Metallic Emerald & Black Up Smudge Brush.

Step 3 & 4. Apply khol liner in metallic emerald on the bottom half of the top lid, from the lash line to about halfway up. Then, using your smudge up eyeshadow brush, blend eyeliner pigment up to your lid and up through the crease.

MAC 217 Blending Brush

Step 5. Use MAC's 217 eyeshadow brush to blend away and diffuse the edges.

Pro Pigment Eyeshadow in Club

Step 6. Apply MACS's Pro Pigment Shadow in Club over the liner and above the crease for a shimmery touch and blend out using your 2127 brush to elongate your eyes.

Step 7. Use the same eyeliner technique along your lower lashes and draw a final line using black khol inside the upper and lower waterline + along the top and bottom lashes to create definition.

MAC eyelash curler & De Chanel Le Volume Mascara, # 10 Noir

Step 8. Curl your lashes and and coat with lots of mascara - VIOLA!

Pair your mesmerizing emerald green eye makeup with a nude lip, which won’t detract attention from your sultry eye makeup.

Don't Forget to dust a shimmer powder onto your neck & decollete. Taurus rules the neck and loves edibles. I would suggest using Urban Decay's Sparkling Lickable Body Powder HONEY available on amazon.

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