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Supermoon Stellar Style

Going out on the eve of the sensual and seductive Supermoon? Follow these Scorpio season style secrets for the Taurus Full Moon....

Green With Envy

Taurus is ruled by the earthy side of Venus, making glamorous shades of green such as olive, jade and emerald, the birth stone of Taurus, the perfect colour's to wear for the Taurus Super Moon. Green is the colour of nature and life but also Scorpionic as it represents immortality and opulance.

Velvet Underground

Velvet is a Scorpio fabric, which is worn during the fall season. The material is magnetic, drawing gazers to its seductive and sexy sheen. It's also Venusian as velvet creates a romantic allure.Velvet oozes luxury and comfort; indulging the Taurean senses since its smooth and soft to the touch.

Vamp Shield

Hide those vampire bites this fall with a choker, neck chain and or bow tie. Chokers are a Venusian fall trend since the neck is ruled by Taurus and date back to the 18th century. They are subtly sexy, drawing attention to the neck, the decollete and further... Chokers are also Scorpio since they hide and shield the neck. Pair your choker with the Supermoon for a dark and glamorous accessory.

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