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Pisces: Mermaid Skin

Get the enigmatic allure of Pisces with mermaid skin!

Pisces beauties have a mysterious shape-shifting je ne sais quai. The facial features are often fishy, resembling mermaids. You can create the ethereal and captivating beauty of Pisces with mermaid skin using a technique called strobing. The key to this makeup look is making your skin look wet like you just took a quick dip into a starlight ocean. You can achieve this by using an iridescent illuminator which will leave you looking radiant, lucent and fresh.

Pisces are masters of illusion and like water, their element, have an ever reflective glimmer; an iridescent illuminator does the same! It causes a glow or a shine caused by multiple reflections and occurs because of multi-layered semi-transparent surfaces. The hue changes and appears different colours depending on the angle from which you look at it. Applying an iridescent highlighter creates a dewy complexion for an ethereal Piscean glow which is seductive suiting all skin tones, for a daytime event or glam evening.

How to strobe?

You can choose to strobe your face with a liquid or powdered highlighter. I personally like to add a liquid strobe cream into my concealer for a natural glimmer. If you are using liquid illuminator start by applying foundation and concealer to your skin like you are about to contour your face. Then swipe your liquid iridescent highlighter over your cheekbones, cupids bow, nose bridge, middle of chin, above the brow bone and then blend.

MAC Strobe CREAM contains mineral pigments which will make your skin look glowing and radiant.

NARS illuminator in Copacabana creates a luminous mermaid glow with its light-reflecting shimmering incandescence.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector is a lustrous liquid luminous highlighter infused with light-reflecting pearls which give your skin a dewy, radiant finish.


If you are not going to use liquid I recommend illuminating highlighting powders that give the skin a light-reflecting luminous glow. You will also want a fluffy brush in hand. If you don't have powdered highlighter you can always use eye shadow, just make sure it's transparent so that it doesn't look heavy on your skin. After applying your concealer and foundation, apply your illuminating powder onto the high points of your face and don't forget to sweep some over your shoulders, collar bones and décolleté.

KEVYN AUCOIN Celestial Powder creates a sheer, opalescent highlight that works to illuminate with a subtle glow.

Versatile Vanilla Highlighter in Falling Star is a cream based highlighter that gives your skin a gorgeous glimmer.
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is Infused with particles light refracting particles refining the appearance of the skin that give a lustrous effect.





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