Cancer Halloween Costume

Cancer Halloween Costume Guide...

Mother of Dragons

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, making Daenerys' character as the Mother of Dragons perfect! All you need is a Khal, or dragons to turn this into a couples costume.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is the ultimate cancer costume! You can turn this into a couples costume by having a friend dress up like Luna, Sailor Moon's cat.

Moon Goddess

The goddess of the Moon in Greek and Roman mythology was a huntress and protector of animals and children. You can pull this look off with a Moon crown and a bow and arrow.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which rules over the ocean. Making the sailor a perfect Cancerian Halloween Costume. You can also turn this into a couples costume and or be zombie sailors.

Mary Poppin's

Cancer rules over the home, nurturing and magical things which appear and disappear like the waxing and waning of the Moon. Mary Poppins magically appeared when needed as a nanny. This is a really fun and unique costume which can be taken to various levels.

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