Aquarius Stellar Style

Aquarius Stellar Style Guide...

"Forget the rules. If your like it, wear it."

- Unknown

Haute Hippie

Aquarius is the free-spirited unconventional bohemian of the zodiac. This grants Aquarian's the ability to pull off the hippie look with a sheik eccentric flair. Aquarian's are the only sign aside from Gemini and Sagittarius that can really work the hobo style while looking fashionable.

Galactic Glam

Anything holographic, hypercolor, straight up out there and bizarre looks amazing on Aquarius. Aquarian's are ahead of their time and love to rebel against the norms of society, granting a galactically glamorous stellar style .

Futuristic Fashion

Avante-Garde everything! Aquarian's look fierce in futuristic fashion trends. Sleek sci-fi silhouettes with minimalistic modern material works as a day-to-day outfit.

Aquarius Sun Natives

Aquarius Moon

Venus in Aquarius

Aquarius Rising

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