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Mercury Retrograde September 2016

The entire month of September will be the last of Eclipse Season and Mercury will be retrograde from August 30th to September 21st 2016.

Virgo Sophia Loren

Mercury retrograde is a time of internalization and reflection. It's not ideal to sign paperwork, purchasing electronics or making any huge decisions. Instead its best to use the retrogradation as a time to re-evaluate. If you have to just make sure to be extra cautious, keep receipts, documents and verify important communications.

Typically Mercury retrograde tends to interfere with communication and will bring up matters during a previous retrograde phase. A situation which may have subsided during late April to late May of 2016 may now resurface. Whether the matter is favorable or not may not be determined simply because Mercury is retrograde. However, If you are looking for clues about what this current retrograde may bring, think back to late April and late May of 2016, there should be some information especially around May 9th. You can go to my Free chart calculator to find what house cusp you have Virgo on. This is where the action will be taking place! .

Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo, the sign of Mercury's rulership, which is extremely ic astro energy for being proactive in the re-organization and re-evaluation of getting grounded into reality.Jupiter, the major benific, is also closely aligned to Mercury retrograde.

Mercury will be aiding the closing of this Jupiter in Virgo year! With Mercury retrograde aligned to Jupiter and Venus at his station you may find the desire and a spark in seeking the big picture, gaining philosophical expansion and a larger perspective of life. Maybe even becoming interested in cultures/ religion, foreign languages, enjoying pleasurable conversation, humor, generosity in your mental outlook and may find confidence and optimism through speech and thoughts.

This retrograde is a very intense one as the eclipse is also in the sign of Virgo. This means saying goodbye to your delusions and working on getting grounded. Virgo is also about being healthy on all levels, so if you are over come with fear and anxiety over the small details, you can do simple things to turn your vibe around.

Virgo rising Charles Darwin found that the act of smiling is merely a result of feeling good. Researchers also found that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as 2,000 bars of chocolate. Even smiling can make you healthier by reducing stress enhancing chemicals like cortisol, dopamine, adrenaline and increase mood enhancing hormones like endorphin's.

"Even the stimulation of an emotion tends to arouse it in our minds.", Charles Darwin.

A common theme with Mercury retrograde is that you will notice people you haven't herd from or spoken to in a while retrograde back into your life. Depending on where the messenger god is retrograde in your chart is where in your life people will come fleeing back to you. The reason for this is since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, he connects us to the collective consciousness, so when his orbit out races that of the Sun's people will in one form or another get back into communication with one another.


Aries/ Aries Rising: Aries, your body is your temple. Mercury goes retrograde in your house of health,work and service. Emphasizing that this retrograde period is all about getting re-aligned with a healthy diet and routine. Abundant situations come through these sectors.

Taurus/ Taurus Rising: The Mercury Retrograde is in positive energy flow to your Sun or Asc in your house of love, children and creative pursuits. This may mean friend and lover come back, so don’t be surprised when you get a text of a phone call. This retrograde may also have you tap back into your talents or hobbies which you once loved but haven’t had time for — now you do!

Gemini/ Gemini Rising: You are ruled by Mercury, making you sensitive to Mercury Retrogrades. You may experience hiccups around your home. If you plan on moving try and wait to sign papers until Mercury stations direct September 22nd.

Cancer/Cancer Rising: Dear Moon children, you always feel the eclipses intensely. The eclipse and Mercury retrograde lighting up your house of communication, siblings/kin, social daily routine you can experience something new and abundant along those sectors.

Leo/ Leo Rising: Leo, Mercury goes retrograde in your house of talents, sources of security and your $$ house, so be careful with your purchases. Friends from the past or meeting new groups may also be highlighted and bring abundance your way.

Virgo/ Virgo Rising: Don’t worry Virgo Mercury retrograde is tied to Jupiter so this should be an extremely beneficial and abundant time for you. Maybe wait on trying that new look till Mercury goes out of shadow.

Libra/Libra Rising: Mercury is retrograde in your house of self-undoing… Basically, where you screw yourself over, so if you are feeling tempted just zen out and try to take up a meditation class and or lucid dreaming. You will find your treasure’s there!

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Mercury retrograde is in positive energy flow to you and in the sector of your chart which rules your friends, acquaintances and people on social media. Mercury also rules your house of shared income and sex, so maybe you rekindle your resources.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Dear Saggo, you are mutable sign and things may be feeling pretty restricted for you at the moment. There may be lots of action going on in your public life or with your career. Don’t resist now is your time to get fulfillment through the path of your heart.

Capricorn/ Capricorn Rising: Mercury goes retrograde in the sector of your chart which rules over foreigners, long distance travel, spirituality/religion, your second spouse and your higher education. This is a perfect time to get aligned to higher learning with Jupiter there as well.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Mercury goes retrograde in your house of shared income, other peoples resources, debts, sex and secrets. This is a beneficial somehow with Jupiter there as well just be careful when its comes to signing paper work till Mercury stations direct on the 22nd of Sept.

Pisces/Pisces Rising: Pisces, the cosmos have all aligned for you! Mercury is retrograde in the sector of your chart which rules over business and love partnerships -your first spouse. There is a lot of abundance in your house of others. However, hold off on signing agreements till Mercury goes direct!

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