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Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. " --Alexander Graham Bell

The month of our autumnal equinox opens with an annular or “ring” New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 1st !

A New Moon solar eclipse is an event in which the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth cutting the light not only from the Sun but also from our view of the celestial sphere. As the moon wanes towards blocking the light from the Sun, darkness falls and the electrical character of the earths cosmic field is drastically altered. This disruption in the cosmos bringing sudden and shocking events which were once hidden to the surface. The Moon is also heated by the Sun’s light creating a mega-heated New Moon! The heated Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse opens a portal during it's duration bringing many endings and new beginnings.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo flies in at:

NEW YORK - Thursday 5:04 a.m

L.A. – Thursday 2:04 a.m.

LONDON – Thursday 10:04 a.m.

DUBAI – Thursday 1.03 p.m.

HONG KONG – Thursday 4:04 a.m.

SYDNEY – Thursday 7:04 p.m

What and where are you willing to devote yourself to? This is perfect energy for setting pro-active goals and creating a reality which will grow to fruition; constructing new habit rituals to develop new skills in order to initiate a healthier reality is what this New Moon solar Eclipse is all about! Eliminating and being keen on what is no longer needed is also of up most importance. This can range from bad habits, toxic fantasies and behavior patterns.


In astrology, Virgo is represented by an angel or virgin holding a shaft of wheat, which represents knowledge. Virgo is observant and filled with knowledge. The signs sole purpose is to gather information, analyze it and dispose of what is unnecessary. In the ancient days, virgin meant "unattached woman", meaning that one was able to do as they pleased. Virgo is the temple priestess archetype, the sign is compassionate, nurtures and devotes their lives to the service of others. Virgo also rules the digestive system because this is the part of the body which keep the nutrients and disposes of what is unnecessary. Virgo being ruled by Mercury is skilled in the architecture of the body, communication and is concerned with bringing the realms of the material land to fruition.

If you don't know where 9 degrees of Virgo falls in your chart go to the free birth chart calculator and find what house cusp Virgo is on in your chart. Also, make sure to read your horoscope for your rising sign, as it is the most accurate.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Mini Horoscopes

Aries/ Aries Rising: The New Moon Solar Eclipse ignites your house of daily routine and health, making this an ideal time to initiate action in the realm of a new health regime-- diet and exercise. Your body is your temple, so take good care of yourself.

Taurus/ Taurus Rising: This mega eclipse actives your house of pleasure, passion, children, romance and creative pursuits. This is an excellent time to start new creative projects solo, with your children or your hubby. If you are single you may meet someone while you are having fun!

Gemini/ Gemini Rising: There is lots of action going on in your foundation/ soul sector. The New Moon Eclipse lights up your house of home, family, ancestors, your psychological sources of security. You may want to re-organize your living style and resolve any family matters. Maybe some Feng Shui?

Cancer/Cancer Rising: The New Moon Solar Eclipse illuminates your house of your daily social routine, siblings/kin, verbal and non-verbal communications. This is perfect astro energy to start new habits around self-talk and coming out of your shell a bit. You may find secret messages along your new healthy daily routine.

Leo/ Leo Rising: The Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place in your house of assets/money, which are a representation of your values and talents. This is brilliant for energy for creating healthy awareness of your self worth. If you have assets that are dragging you down, cut them lose.

Virgo/Virgo Rising: Happy Solar Return Virgo's! The eclipse is bringing abundant energy in terms of your desires and spiritual essence, making this a perfect time to start manifesting your dreams into tangible reality. Libra/Libra Rising: The New Moon Eclipse activates the hidden area of your chart and since this is a North Nodal eclipse you may find buried treasure in the form of dreams, epiphanies and deja vu moments.

Scorpio/ Scorpio Rising: The New Moon Solar Eclipse activates your house of friends, acquaintances, groups and social networks, making this a perfect time to connect with new healthy people. This eclipse brings in new healthy habits in your friendship and acquaintance sector.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: The New Moon Solar Eclipse activates new beginnings in your career sector. This is also the house of your true vocation and the way people see you in the public eye. It is now time for you to get aligned to your true path Sagittarius.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: The Solar Eclipse activates your house of foreign travel, spirituality, religion and higher education... your second husband? You may become enlightened and find abundance coming your way in terms of finding your true calling. Aquarius/ Aquarius Rising: The Virgo New Moon Eclipse ignites your house of secrets, intimate shares resources, other peoples resources. Occult or actual resources are coming your way to transform your perception of healthy sharing.

Pisces/ Pisces Rising: This Eclipse illuminates your house of partnerships - business and please. The New Moon Solar Eclipse brings healthy new forms of relationships your way. Old and unhealthy partnership agreements come to a halt and your boundaries improve.


There can only be an eclipse when either the North or South Node of the Moon are in alignment to Sun or the Moon at the time of an eclipse. Lunar Nodes are imaginary points where the Moon’s orbit intersects the Sun’s path around the Earth (the ecliptic). This particular eclipse will be a North Nodal Eclipse. The North Node represents where the Moon's path rises above the Sun's orbit on the north pole. Thus, the North Node is given qualities of abundance and wealth since the Moon is entering into northern latitude. As the Moon reaches its North Node, a cosmic and spiritual portal opens influences mythologicaly represented by the "Dragon's Head" which is symbolic of intake/hunger and is a point of increase and abundance. The North Node is hungry and so the energy can manifest as fiery greed. Making Septembers Virgo eclipse about abundance, gain hunger and greed but the question is where?


The Sun will conjoin the Moon at 9 degree 21 minuets Virgo opposite Neptune at 10 degrees 39 minuets and square Saturn 10 degrees 4 minuets Sagittarius. Neptune is at the halfway point of his retrograde cycle, making it hard to discern the new and healthy path. The eclipse also pulls Saturn/Neptune square to their peak, which is all about shattering toxic fantasies and building new healthy realities. Neptune can create lots of fog, making it easy to have the veil's pulled over our eyes. Neptune's function is to dissolve old forms and with Saturn at the apex of the eclipses t-square, boundaries and the realm for an ideal and universal system of values are being shattered and re-evaluated. The Mercury conjunction to Jupiter will help ground in making the right choices and building on tangibility instead of deluded Neptune fantasies. With Mercury retrograde, make a decision, and then make sure to analyze later.

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