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Virgoan Indulgences

Virgo’s key phrase is, “I serve”. There is no other sign in the zodiac that takes more pleasure than being of service to others that Virgo. This week, with Jupiter and Venus in Virgo, you may find pleasure in indulging in your to-do-list, getting tasks accomplished, doing thoughtful things for others, re-awakening your stationary fetish, finding happiness in health supplements, natural cleaning products or drooling over a new collection of essential oils. If none of these hit the top of your list then scroll below for some inspo.

The planet of love and beauty, Venus, is in Virgo and conjunct expansive Jupiter. Both of these planets in astrology are considered benifics i.e. their planetary influences are typically positive and beneficial. When Venus and Jupiter meet in the cosmos or in your natal chart, it is said to bring good fortune through love, art and pleasure. Each Venus/Jupiter conjunction is going to be filtered through the sign they are in and since they are in Virgo you may find that the little things bring you pleasure over the next couple of days.