Aquarius Makeup.. Weird...

Tap into your inner-rebel and break through societies boundaries with these uber makeup tips

Why not show off how eccentric and far-out you really are during an aquarius Moon, which have most confused as to if its a Lunar Eclipse or just a typical Full Moon. This Full Moon is no where near an eclipse but definitely still intense aquarius astro weather perfect to get others noticing just how free spirited and out-of-the-box you really are.

Aquarius Makeup Look's

The truth is aquarian's best makeup look is being au natural. This is because being yourself is the vertex of authenticity. And there is nothing more authentic than rebelling against the societal pressure to conform to others definition of beauty.

(Aquarius Bob Marley)



You can buy yourself an all vegan, non-animal tested or chemically enhanced concealer from Smash Box, Too Faced, NYX, Urban Decay, Duwap, NARS and many more on Peta's cruelty-free database.

Once you attain your magical highlighter you can always sacred geometry your face and or turn yourself into your spirit animal without anyone knowing how truly weird you are before you blend to perfection.


Jewel Tone Pout

If you are a non-aquarian take it easy with this look. Aquarian's natural aloofness keep them from recognizing their alienesque/bohemian vibes, which radiate outward from the TARDIS they just time traveled in from another dimension. So unless you are a true rebel, you don't have to rock this look to the extreme of actually creating a geode on your face.

You can take your jewel tone pout down a notch by wearing a shade of purple with a luminescent lip gloss and a touch of glitter. You don't have to buy purple lipstick for this look, remember, aquarian's are "inventive". So, if you don't have purple lipstick then purple eyeliner or eye shadow will do the trick! All you need are three makeup products to create this amethyst lip: purple eye liner, eye shadow, luminescent lip gloss or any other product which has lackluster to it and or you can even go matte like the picture above. You can also use white eye liner, preferably liquid, to make your lips truly look like a quartz crystal.

​​Aquarius' birthstone is amethyst and its purple rays are thought to give a "sober mind" aka it's supposed to ground you the fuck back into reality as Aquarians seem to lose touch with so soften. But seriously if you are feeling like your Qi is scattered under this Full Moon, an amethyst may be your best friend. You can rub amethyst crystals on your temples to help you get grounded and back on track for the closing of this month. You can also try this amethyst trick if you can't sleep, since this is also something humans do which would just be too normal for aquarius.

And if all else fails....GLOW STICKS!! Or any other foreign object preferably shiny or holographic you can randomly place on your face or body leaving others in shock and total awe of your uniqueness, wondering if Earth was an accidental detour.

If you know your Sun sign and are not an aquarian but feel that your'e a "soul rebel", check your natal chart to see if you have any aquarius planets. You can click here to check out your natal chart on my Free Chart Calculator. Check to see what planets you may have in Sagittarius, since this sign shares the freedom loving spirit of aquarius. And you can look to see what ‪Uranus‬ is doing in your chart because this planet resonates with aquarius qualities. If Saturn is also configured to your Sun, Moon or Ascendant you may also feel like a misfit.

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