Moon ingress in libra

The flow of energy changes as the Moon waxes into Libra at 12:56 EST. Libra is about balancing the cosmic scales, being fair and bringing justice to all relationships. The planetary ruler of Libra - Venus - is currently in Virgo. Venus in Virgo is concerned with being of service and assimilating information to keep what is valuable and disposing of what is no longer of value. Venus in Virgo is square Mars in Sagittarius creating lots of action in our value systems in what we truly believe, desire and what is most efficient. The instinctive desire today is to be diplomatic, make peace, socialize, relate, acquire harmony and re-balance for tranquil Saturday vibes.

...Lunar Mansion...

The Moon in libra enters Al- Ghafr her 15th lunar mansion. When we are in this mansion we focus on business and income and prosperity. Insight about these the above topics arise under Al-Ghafr. According to Agrippa, the 15th mansion is favorable for finding treasure and can help speed up the splitting of a relationship which no longer serves you.

Libra Model Mimie Lashiry

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