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Venus on Regulus

Happy Friday, the day ruled by Venus.

As Venus waxes towards her entrance in Virgo she makes a conjunction to royal star Regulus, the heart of the lion in the Leo constellation. Regulus moved into [tropical Virgo] in 2012, creating a shift of the stars archetype as a symbol of duality of both Leo and Virgo qualities. Fixed star Regulus, once symbolized by the lion, now takes the form of a majestic sphinx, intertwining Virgo as the angel and leo ad the lion.

Venus rules over love, lust, attraction, and the desire for relationships and social interaction. The plant of love and beauty conjunct fixed star Regulus bring the courage to conquer desires. Venus will wax towards a square to Mars creating action in all creative en-devours. Since Mars also rules over war, a Venus/Mars conjunction by transit can lead to lots of bursting energy in our social and sexual sectors. As our desires are at their ferocious peak with Mars and Venus square, the energy can easily lead to confrontation and or "war". However, Venus on Regulus most often takes the role of achieving your highest ideals and bringing to the top of the world.

Sophia Loren in the picture below is a natal Venus, Sun, Neptune in Virgo with her Lilith on Regulus. Its no surprise she rose to stardom with such an astrological configuration. Lilith is an asteroid linked to sexual qualities. She once said, she doesn’t like to be caught not wearing red — even if it’s “underneath, out of sight. Red brings me luck, I think.” She also said to have psychic powers calling herself a ” witch”.

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