Leo New Moon: Royal Highness

I am the daughter of the Sun and Moon, and even though I have been born into this world, my race is of the stars. -The Charge of Aradia

In astrology we learn that a New Moon is the purrrrfect time to manifest and set intentions and plant New Moon seeds for the month. But In planetary magic, we find that the New Moon is actually not the most ideal time to set intentions. The reason being is that the Moon is actually combust i.e. conjunct the fiery Sun at the time of a New Moon, which puts the moon in detriment.

Intentions should be set when the Moon is being received in aspect to a benefic planet. So, sure if you want to go conjuring up the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man go right ahead but even if you haven't set your monthly intentions, the universe moves whether we like it or not. And the New Moon bring's a birth of a new cycle, a new beginning! With the New Moon in Leo its time to shine like the whole universe is yours!

The New Moon in Leo roars in at:

NEW YORK - 4:44 p.m

L.A. – Tuesday 1:44 p.m.

LONDON – Tuesday 9.44 p.m.

DUBAI – Wednesday 00.44 a.m.

HONG KONG – Wednesday 4.44 a.m.

SYDNEY – Wednesday 6.44 a.m.

The Moon and the Sun will conjoin at 10 degree 57 minuets Leo trine Saturn rx in Sagittarius ; making the core component of this Leo New Moon perfect for creative self- transformation and grounding energy to stick with the new program. This is all about re-establishing healthy ego-boundaries after them being shattered in June by the Mutable Cross + Saturn/Neptune.

We leave the security and safety focused Cancer/ Capricorn lunation's of July and move towards the creative and individualistic Leo/Aquarius lunation. Shifting away from toxic fantasies, the month starts with fresh new beginnings which come from the authentic heart. The nature of Leo is yang which brings the impulse to initiate action of the self's creative expression and then to then shine and share with other's. This month is about getting noticed and gaining appreciation of your unique individuality.

Where the Leo New Moon falls in your chart is where the energy of the new cycle gets activated.

Horoscopes are most accurate when you use your rising sign. If you don't know your rising sign then you will need to find out what time you were born and then you can simply enter your information on my free birth chart calculator and find what house cusp Leo is on. Then come back to see what it's doing in your chart with these mini New Moon horoscopes.

Aries/ Aries rising: The New Moon activates the sector of your chart which rules over love, creativity, hobbies, speculation and your children -- anything which you create physically create. This is a favorable New Moon to you because it is in positive energy flow to your Sun; which rules over your spiritual essence and basic vitality and this is what the New Moon in Leo is all about!

Taurus/ Taurus rising: The month is all about action in the home! The New Moon takes place in the sector of your chart which is concerned with your home, ancestors, and the innermost core of who you are. You may face challenges as your start to uncover many layer of your self and your bank account. You might have to make a few changes in your home and your comfort zone and we all know how you don't like to budge.

Gemini/ Gemini rising: The New Moon in leo activates the sector of your chart which rules over the local community, the places you most often visit as you run your daily routine and also your siblings. The New Moon is sextile aka in positive energy flow to your Sun/ASC. This means that if you want the rewards of this lunation you have to work for it! If you survived the delusion shattering of June's Saturn/ Neptune square then you have lots of goodies coming your way. Mars also re-enters your house of partnerships, so keep an eye out for people you cut ties with coming back into your life.

Cancer/ Cancer rising: As empress of the Moon/lunation cycle you are moody and annoyed since you are constantly feeling the shift of luna wax and wane. However, you are a crab and crabs love security. SO, say hello to this New Moon because it aligns in the sector of $$$ , resources and assets. With the Moon also ruling your Sun or ASC, this is also going to have some kind of bearing on you physically. This is a great time to start a new health regime and also ideal for you to visit your doctor with that extra cash.

Leo/ Leo rising: Well hello, Sorry you couldn't be first. Of course this Moon is about you and that's why you are prob even reading this. The New Moon in Leo is great for a new beauty make-over, health regime, hair do etc. If there something new you have wanted to try or feel like you need a new look, this is the perfect time to just do it. As Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in positive energy flow to you! This New Moon is also perfect for your physical standing in the world i.e. your career and vocation. You may have some karmic things come up -- maybe a visit or information from ancestors?

Virgo/ Virgo rising: Since you are a mutable sign you may have had some spin outs in June. However, this Leo New Moon is perfect energy to get you grounded and regenerate before Septembers eclipses. The New Moon in Leo activates your solar 12th house, which is the house of self-undoing, karma and spirituality! You may be working hard behind the scenes this month as Neptune and Saturn still in full force, so keep in mind that if your working hard you may be reaping lots of benefits tapping into hidden treasures.

Libra/ Libra rising: Venus, your ruler, is in alignment with the New Moon in the sector of your chart which rules over networks, organizations, groups/friends which you belong to or that you are aware of. The Leo New Moon is also in positive energy flow to you, in a sextile aspect, which means you have to work for something to appear out of this energy. This is an ideal time for you to get out there, get connected, mingle and shine!

Scorpio/ Scorpio rising: You have been working extra hard with Saturn all up in your astro since 2013. The master of karmic tasks has been in the house of your chart connected to money and talents, which may have been demolished and now have you on a whole other path you didn't see coming. The New Moon in Leo takes place in your vocation sector, so this is great for you in terms of getting aligned to your true vocation and career, finally you feel the benefits of the two and a half years ! You shine in your career sector and the rest of the world see's it.

Sagittarius/ Sagittarius rising: The New Moon takes place in your favorite house, the house of foreign things; travel, higher learning, the unknown etc. The Sun will be illuminating the sector which rules over these topics and the New Moon is in very favorable energy flow to your spiritual essence and physical vitality. There may be some adjustments which need to be made coming from your home and your inner most self. Mars is also back into your sign on the New Moon which can give you the energy to be highly productive and Mars also revs up your house of love.

Capricorn/ Capricorn rising: The New Moon in Leo aligns in your solar 8th house, opening up the portal to other peoples assets and resources. Since the Moon rules your 7th house of partnership the New Moon theme may have to do with your relationships more than it will have to do with money. However, a relationship can result in money, making this a potent time for creating new business opportunities.

Aquarius/ Aquarius risings: The is an intense moth for you water- bearer with the pseudo eclipse in your sign... The Leo New Moon lights up your house of relationships, which can be great for business and love partnerships. Your ruler - Saturn - is also in positive energy flow to this months New Moon and your natal Sun, giving you the stamina to follow through with new projects you embark on this month.

Pisces/Pisces risings: The New Moon illuminates the sector of you chart which is concerned with health, service and daily routine. Pisces, we do know how you love to be of service but its time to move forward and take action and not fall prey to martyrdom. With the Moon also ruling your 5th house of love, pleasure, children and hobbies; you may find that changing up your routine helps you discover new talents and abilities. Dignified Mercury is in full on action in your 7th house making this is a perfect time for news about business and or a romantic scenarios.

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