April's 1st Quarter Moon

If you look up in the night sky you will see the Moon on fixed star Pollux, the immortal twin of Castor in the gemini constellation. During this time, we ponder over the creativity phase as the Moon waxes towards her first quarter square to the Sun in Aries. With the Moon in Cancer, in her sign of rulership and the Sun in his exaltation the first quarter square is one of action packed awareness and determination to manifestation the soul's purpose (Moon) and the heart's yearning (Sun).

The warrior god -Mars- sits on fixed star Antares at the midpoint of the Sun/Moon square. Mars on the heart of the scorpion adds an extra oomph of passion and spirit to fiercely attain the desire which is now seen.

In mythology Pollux was a boxer and daredevil. With The Moon on Pollux you may ask yourself, "where do I bully myself, or who do I let bully me and where ?" Let the awareness of the first quarter Moon illuminate your consciousness in order to manifest the goals which were implemented during the New Moon.

After the Moon in cancer makes her first quarter square she will trine asteroid Ceres and Selene on Scheat aka Pegasus. The Moon & Ceres both have to do with nurturing but also unconditional love sustaining and nourishing new creations. Just make sure you take your time instead of passionately flying over situations ignoring and depriving yourself of what you need to get to your mission first.

"I am a winged creature who is too rarely allows to use its wings. Ecstasies do not occur often enough" - Anais Nin

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