New Moon 2016: Warrior Moon

The Warrior New Moon in Aries slays in at;

NEW YORK – Thursday 07.54

L.A. – Thursday 04.54 LONDON – Thursday 12.54 DUBAI – Thursday 15.24 HONG KONG – Thursday 19.24 SYDNEY – Thursday 21.24

The first New Moon of spring will be situated at 18 degree Aries, on the royal degree of the Sun. This lunation brings forth seeds of excitement, passion, vigor, ambition and bears an overdose of creative Venus energy to start a new.

The Moon in Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior god, in truth seeking sagittarius making this is a perfect time to align with your inner warrior and head passionately towards your true path.

The god of war ,Mars, at the time of this New Moon will be situated on Antares, the royal fixed star located in the heart of the scorpion. Fixed star astrologer Vivian Robson, considered Mars on Antares to be a passionate placement for Mars and favorable for gain. This is a time to start a new cycle and end an old one. So, don't take this powerful lunation for granted. If there is something you have wanted to close the door on to start a new project, now is the time!

The Moon in aries will also be galvanizing by a conjunction to Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, at the time of this New Moon. The New Moon conjunct Uranus will also be aligned Pluto, which will bring the crescendo of Uranus/Pluto square to a finale. Uranus, Pluto and Mars on Antares aligned to the New Moon in Aries will be leading you towards a path of renewal and transformation.

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