Last Quarter Moon:The Gestation

"Just as the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." - English Proverb

The Moon in ambitious capricorn makes her last quarter square to the Sun in valient Aries at 11:17 am EST. The last quarter, or 4th quarter Moon phase is when the end starts to become recognizable. Last quarter square's release tremendous energy which bring an internal conflict into awareness and realization. The cardinal LQ square is energy which can be used to channel and perfect whats already been established. The experiences from the entire lunation have now culminated and now one must prepare for the transformation of re-birth. The Moon makes a conjunction to Pluto at 10:37 pm EST. Pluto represents the urge to transform, re-generate and eliminate. Moon/Pluto can lead to impulse emotions which can manifest as a self destructive force. On the the higher level of manifestation the energy vibration of Moon/Pluto can be helpful in shedding the old and regenerating new emotional foundations. Moon/Pluto energy can be profoundly healing in emotional catharsis.

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