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The Sun in Astrology

The Sun represents light, consciousness and day. In the natal chart the Sun symbolizes one's basic identity, inner life-force, vitality and conscious purpose.

The vital energy that emanates from the Sun through the solar system gives life to every living organism on earth. The Sun is a life-sustaining force that enables vital energy to flow. Prana is the Sanskrit word for "vital life", and without the Sun we wouldn't be able to breath, form thoughts to become conscious of the self (the ego) and individuate the self towards destiny.

The Symbol of the Sun is that of a circle surrounding a point. The circle represents the infinite and unlimited potential of spirit. The dot represents the point where the infinite manifests into finite form. The entire symbol depicts the realization of infinite potential through a specific point - the individual.

The Sun is the planetary ruler of the sign Leo. The symbol for Leo is an emblem which represents the phallus, as used in ancient Dionysian mysteries. The symbol is an emblem of the Sun's fire, heat and creative energy. Leo is the fixed quality of the fire element, conferring an internal will motivated by an impulse of the heart.

The Sun has a heartbeat called the solar cycle measured as Sun spots. (11 yr. cycle)

The influence of the Sun is masculine and yang energy. Solar energy emanates an impression of dignity, grandeur, wisdom, authority, lofty spirituality, and reflects an individual with an urge to gain power. The Sun operates through inspiration rather than intellect. A strong paternal instinct, and in astrology thought of the father (fathers behavior and personality). Generous, masterful, honest, creative; vital, forceful, dignified. Power, honor, fame, pride. Thus Sun represents the hero, and is considered masculine in most myths.

The Sun as female

The Sun is like the Lion; it's very radiant

People with strong Sun's have a lot of hair

Solar individuals are natural entertainers, leaders, good speakers, they present well.

When frustrated they may become pretentious, tyrannical, pompous, and ego-maniacs.

The Sun rules pungent odors; flavors that are rich, bittersweet, strongly aromatic, or spicy but nice and


Places associated with the Sun are royal courts, ballrooms, grandiose showrooms (theaters, opera houses, salons), casinos, castles.

Minerals associated with the Sun: Metal: gold. Gems & Minerals: diamond, ruby, jacinth, carbuncle, chrisolite (olivine).

The Sun rules the heart, which biological function is exactly of that as the Sun. For as the physical Sun pulsates life giving warmth to all living creatures on earth, so too does our inner Sun, the human heart, pumping life-giving blood to every cell in the body.

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