Pisces Solar Eclipse 2016

This month's New Moon is a Total Solar eclipse! An event in which the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth cutting the light not only from the Sun but also from our view of the celestial sphere. The Moon is heated by the Sun’s light creating a mega-heated New Moon!

A Solar New Moon eclipse tends to bring everything hidden to the surface - heat rises. As the moon wanes towards totality, darkness falls and the electrical character of the earths cosmic field is drastically altered. This disruption in the cosmos brings sudden and shocking events into one's awareness. Moments such as deja vu bring clues and secret messages. This particular eclipse is also a Super Moon, which means that the Moon will be closest to the earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth at the time of the eclipse. This stellar event is quite dramatic and so it can manifest as such in ones life. The planetary movements which occur in the cosmos reflect down to earth as synchronistic events.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.”-Hermes Trismegistus

The New Moon Solar Eclipse will be 18º 55' Pisces and falls in Pisces decan 2. Decan Ruler: Jupiter (Moon Triplicity)

Pisces energy in general is magical, mystical and shamanic. However, pisces decan 2 is more evolved and has an ability to observe other dimensions giving this decan a trickster quality. Pisces is a mutable sign which has to do with transitioning from the end to a new beginning. There will be strong themes of having to transform and transmute during this eclipse. Possibly having to surrender but yet staying balanced so one doesn’t become a martyr. The symbol for pisces is the two fish bound together swimming in ninety degree angles; one swimming backward towards the sign it evolved from - aquarius - and the other toward the north celestial pole. The duality brings in an archetype of bondage and a struggle of the soul within the body. Pisces wan's to merge seeping through all the boundaries.

…The Pisces Stellium...

Magical Mercury will have moved into pisces on March 5th, the two lights -Moon and the Sun - nebulous Neptune, Chiron - the bridge keeper from the end of our galaxy; Saturn to another Uranus, asteroid Ceres and the South Node of the Moon. The problem with a stellium is that there are a lot of planets in one area of the Zodiac and when we have a lot of planets aligned in one sign of the zodiac, things are pretty unbalanced. So combine this with an eclipse in Pisces!

Mercury the planet of communication will be in pisces conjunct Neptune. The planet which rules all forms of communication- Mercury - may be fogged out or entranced by Neptune's nebulosity - all is not what its seems. Mercury in Pisces is the magician and the sorceress. Pisces decan 2's lowest form is that of the trickster shapeshifter and with Neptune creating fog one may easily have the veil's pulled over their eyes. Neptune's function is to dissolve old forms and values within Saturn's realm for a more universal system of values. Neptune also rules the immune system. When one is having trouble with a connection to a higher source trust is lost and the body becomes vulnerable. Neptune also rules the Pineal gland associated with telepathic functions - the third eye is open those who are not fogging themselves out with Neptunian substances.

Asteroid Ceres is also configured between Neptune and the eclipse. Ceres is the goddess of the hearth and rules over poppies which are base ingredients of opium and hopps. This eclipse may bring new forms of pharmaceuticals. In mythology, Ceres went through much grief and suffering when her daughter Persephone was abducted to the underworld. And so this archetype during the eclipse may bring themes of abduction and abandonment.Skeletons deep within one's closet may resurrect and old memories will need to be healed. This can be an opportunity to confront old wounds instead of letting them fester in the darkness.

Chiron - the maverick healer - will be conjunct the eclipse and square Saturn. Primal wounds lurking below consciousness will now be conscious. Square aspects create action. The eclipse may bring wound's from the collective which impinge onto everyone around the globe. Chiron is a key to the future and when one can harness the realms of Saturn, the gate to free-will opens and we enter another dimension.

…Solar Eclipse Aspects….

The Pisces eclipse will be in exact opposition to the North Node and Jupiter 18 degrees of Virgo, which is in a T-Square to Saturn in Sagittarius.

Jupiter 18º 13' RX will be in Virgo. Decan: Venus (Triplicity Saturn)

Jupiter - Traditional Ruler of Pisces - will be conjunct the North Node of the Moon and will be in exact opposition to the Eclipse! Jupiter is the planet of expansion. He will amplify and magnify the energy of the pisces eclipse to the maximum. Jupiter is also in a odd situation. Jovial Jupiter is not so Jove in the sign of Virgo. Jupiter is about the big picture, he is the guru - planet of faith/ spirituality - and he’s in the sign which is concerned with tangible reality and analyzing things down to the microscopic detail. Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo and also peregrine. Meaning Jupiter is restricted and is in a land where he is a foreigner. Peregrine is a word derived from peregrino, meaning the pilgrim whom is wandering on a spiritual journey.

This eclipse may be a time where ideals and belief systems between the spiritual -pisces - and material -virgo - are re-evaluated.There may be a shift in one's reality and a feeling that one has stepped (or have been pushed) into a new realm. Even though hard work and labor are involved with creation; Jupiter in Virgo energy can help build tangible beauty out of visions and dreams.

Minor planet Pluto in the sign Capricorn trine to Jupiter and sextile the Pisces Solar Eclipse. Pluto’s function is to re-focalize the process of re-examination for the purpose of reformation. Capricorn has a necessity of gathering resources and power to make a project real. So ultimately this is about this is about regeneration and transformation! caterpillar- cocoon - butterfly. Major transformation's are taking place which will set the next four years. It is vital time to manifest one's dreams to build reserves, and after this eclipse there will be an ominous feeling that there is no turning back!

Saturn will be 16º 10' Sagittarius and falls on decan 2. Decan Ruler: Moon (triplicity Mars) Spirit: Kore/Persephone.

Saturn in Sagittarius will be at the Apex of the mutable t-square during the eclipse. Saturn in saggo's goal will be about finding one's core truth and then defend that truth which has been established. This area of Sagittarius is cunning. Machiavellian even. Hidden knowledge which was once restricted may be revealed. Persephone was willed in her path as goddess of the underworld by her abduction from Hades. She had to go through the grief and separation of her mother, being trapped in the underworld but from this path she became a goddess.

My point is that sometimes we may not see the light of a situation. Especially when we feel the heavy chains of Saturn’s rings bind us to a load of responsibilities. After we have dealt with Saturn we become more wise, and less naive.Saturn may make us feel like the skies have darkened and burdened us with a situation or circumstance we didn’t ask for. However, once the hard work is paid off, rewards are reaped by the karmic task-master.

This eclipse brings an energy of inspiration, healing, growth and invites all forms for creativity. The stellium in pisces reminds me something of a collective Tsunami. Sometimes we may not be reading for drastic change and even if we are well equipped things happen outside ourselves and sweep us off or feet but the best thing we can do is stay calm and let the universe be our guide. With Saturn in Sagittarius as the apex, it may not be easy to have our bags packed, bow and arrow pointed in a new direction to transition from an end to a new beginning. However, one must remember that they can not grow and evolve without stepping out of their comfort zone.

This is most definitely the best time to start new projects and watch them manifest during the Full Moon to be re-assessed and re-manifested again during the next New Moon cycle.

But remember, Eclipse's last as long in years as they do minuets. This is an opportunity to lay the ground for your next four years.


L.A. – Tuesday March 8 – 16.11 NEW YORK - Tuesday March 8 – 19.11

LONDON – Wednesday March 9 – 00.11

DUBAI – Wednesday March 9 – 04.11 HONG KONG – Wednesday March 9 – 08.11

SYDNEY – Wednesday March 9 – 11.11

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