Scorpio Horoscope

The ruler of the New Moon and your ruler -Mars- has been traveling in adventurous and truth seeking sagittarius. However, this transit may not feel so jolly at all Since Saturn the planet of delay and obstruction is also in Sag. teaching us all lessons. For you Mars and Saturn have been in your solar second house. This is the house which corresponds to resources, assets, talents and earning capacity. Saturn tries to teach us wisdom by slowing us down to turn on to our right track. Since Saturn also rules over our 3rd and 4th house, you may have also been delayed when it comes to your daily routine and home life.  The only thing you can do is to to work with Saturn the best you can by being responsible and bearing with life's realities by just working through the karmic tasks Saturn throws your way. Just remember Saturn always gives back. You reap what you sow.


However, your’e a Scorpio and you always survive. Regeneration is the key. Mars rules your Sun and also your 6th house of health and daily routine and Saturn your 4th house of home and foundations. Pluto your co-ruler is traveling through your 3rd in positive energy flow to Jupiter in your 11th house. So regenerate and stay strong when it comes to your daily routine. The third house is also your brothers, sisters, neighbors and local people in your area. So anticipate running into someone powerful in your local area.Since Neptune and the South Node have been traveling in your 5th house there may have been delusions or drainage when it comes to your love life. However, with Venus the planet of love in your 6th house you may meet someone at work. On April 14th Jupiter in Virgo will trine Mercury in your 7th house of partnership. Mercury in your 7th house which enters on the 6th of April may have you interacting with new groups. Since Jupiter is in your 11th along with the North Node April 14th house be a good day . 


On April 17th the fiery planet will go retrograde in your second house. Since Mars is your planetary ruler you will be inclined to identify yourself with your talents and  resources. This transit will have you motivated and focused on your spiritual security.  Your desire for possessions will be stringer than usual. This will be a time for you to master the art of observation instead of making and major decisions. Mars ruling your 6th house will have a direct affect on your health, daily routine and work situation. 


On April 21 there will be a Full Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio in the same sign as your Sun.  The first house is your physical body, appearance and your sun is your spiritual purpose, vitality and foundation of self. Since this will be the Moon which is illuminating your Sun and or solar 1st house, you an intense need to feel  nurtured.  You may be emotionally concerned with yourself and your feeling may be influenced by the larger emotional patterns that are dominant in your life. You may try to work with someone else or there may be a conflict where the intensity of sorting things out will be at it's peak for you emotionally. 


Mercury will also go retrograde on  April 28 to May 22 in your 7th house. This is not a good time to sign contracts or make important decisions. Since Mercury rules your 8th and 11th house  the retrograde of Hermes will have an affect on joint assets and groups which you are affiliated with.