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XL Amethyst Ring

XL Amethyst Ring


XL Amethyst Ring


You will receive the actual crystal in the photos. 


Measurements XL Special :

20" inch " tall.

Amethyst, is a powerful energy transmuter and a spiritual and high vibrational gemstone.

A perfect stone for stimulating the third eye. Amethyst It is said to be the best stone for a "sober mind" with its planetary association with

Saturn -- the cosmic gatekeeper, lord of wisdom and discipline. 

The aquarian birthstone with the zodiac signs planetary rulership being Saturn

It is important to mention that it raises consciousness levels, promoting spirituality. 


Care: Lightly dust to clean! Don’t forget to recharge your crystal with smudge sticks - palo Santo or sage - to clear and reset your gorgeous minerals. 


Made with love, light, and planetary energy before I ship out to you.

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