Serpentine Bookends

Serpentine Bookends

Geode Bookends, Standard Quality:   1 pair. 

Made from Rare Serpentine Calicite Crystal. 

High vibe living with natural decor. These stunning Serpentine Geodes are cut and polished with a satin finish. 

The Serpentine Stones are carefully cut and polished in order to create a natural and polished shine.

100% Genuine - High vibe & high quality - Natural Septarian Calcite from Madagascar.

 Size will slightly vary due to the geodes natural pattern.

  7 " wide x 3" deep x 6" inches high
Weight (total): 6 - 8 pounds 

Weighty and elegant, they prop up books on your desk or shelf.

Natural items, product varies from image.

Planetary charged and mantra infused.

Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed before I ship out to you.