Rose Quartz Bookends

Rose Quartz Bookends


Rose Quartz Crystal Bookends;

high vibe rose quartz cut from high quality Brazilian Rose Quartz & or Rare Madagascar Rose Quartz.

Beautiful bohemian addition to your bookshelf!

Brazillian Rose Quartz Bookends;

natural pale pink rose quartz gemstone made as a bookend.

Rare Madagascar Rose Quartz:

Madagascar Rose Quartz Gemstone Bookends weight 3-5 kilo per Set

Expertly cut &  polish. Extra Quality- four rubber cushions on the bottom and felt lined to protect surfaces.

Charged Rose Quartz Crystal;

comes mantra infused and planetary charged.

As you might already know, rose quartz is the stone for unconditional love and peace. It resonates with the heart chakra, opening the heart, attracting and manifesting love and healing old wounds.

Rose quartz is perfect for self-love, and it is very calming, perfect to use in times of crisis. Its vibration harmonizes the auric field while bringing calm and serenity in those times when we feel unbalanced, anxious, worried, depressed or let down.

Another property of this beautiful gemstone is that it absorbs negative energy and replaces it with loving feelings. It helps with the acceptance of changes and increases sensitivity and empathy.

It is also a great healer because it aids in releasing unexpressed emotions, acceptance and promotes self-forgiveness.