Mercury Retrograde Feng Shui Kit

Mercury Retrograde Feng Shui Kit

Mercury retrograde and can be a whole lot easier with protection to support you. The kit helps you banish miscommunication, mental fog/fatigue, travel delays/cancellations and technological hiccups. Mercury Retrograde Feng Shui comes with everything you need to survive this retrograde period: Third Eye Candle Elixir, Palo Santo Wood, Mercury Retrograde Crystals and Mandala .
  • Mercury Retrograde Feng Shui Kit

    Third Eye Candle Elixir is made as a talisman to aid as a protection candle to block unwanted static of Mercury Retrograde and brings in peace, tranquility and mental clarity. Contains notes of Calluna Vulgaris (heather), Lavender, Vetiver, Rosewood & Sacred Frankincense.  9 oz.

    Palo Santo Wood is a sacred wood that has cleansing and therapeutic healing power, which clears out all negative energy.                       

    A mandala is a meditation tool.  You are guided into being centered by using the Mercury Retrograde Mandala, with crystals placed on top while setting your intentions. This helps you align with the cosmic weather. 

    Mercury Retrograde Crystals pack comes with Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Hematite and Lapis Lazuli.