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Mercury Retrograde Crystals

Mercury Retrograde Crystals


Mercury retrograde crystals are planetary charged. Meant to bring peace and mental clarity during the current Mercury rx period in Pisces. Mercury retrograde and can be a whole lot easier with protection to support you. The crystals help banish any miscommunication, mental fog/fatigue, travel delays/cancellations and technological hiccups.


 Mercury Retrograde Crystals come with Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Hematite and Lapis Lazuli.

 Amazonite, aids with helping you to speak with clarity. Helps with calming anxiety and soothing stress. 


Quartz Crystal, brings focus as it vibrates white light, removing any communication obstacles.                       

Lapis Lazuli, The happy Pisces crystal. Helps in re-establishing faith when expressing yourself. 


Hematite, a grounding crystal to keep in your car or bring with you while you run errands.

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