Leo Crystals

Leo Crystals

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Leo Power Crystals come with: Tigers Eye, Onyx, Citrine, Pyrite, and Carnelian.


The Leo crystals keep you calm and serene by enhancing your natural confidence and joy. The crystals combine the energy of Earth with the energy of the Sun to create a grounded, yet high-vibrational energy for anyone with planetary placements in Leo.Each set comes packaged in pouch and an accompanying information card which provides descriptions of the stones' meanings and facts about your sign.


Planetary charged and mantra infused crytals come with five specially hand selected, semi precious crystals to enhance and balance Leo zodiac traits. Each one separately charged under planetary transits and phases to invoke the spirit of each celestial body. May vary in size slightly, since stones are natural and each one unique. 

 You can use your crystals vibrate the energy of your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and or other planetary configuration depending on your intention. To find out your planetary placements go to stellarmusings .com and click on the chart calculator in the menu bar.There you can hover over each planet to find what zodiac sign they are in.