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Labradorite Mountain

Labradorite Mountain


Labradorite Mountain with cut base. High flash. Polished. Exhibit a gorgeous range of flash from blues, purples, oranges and pinks.

Perfect eye catching display piece for your home, studio, office, alert.

High vibe & high quality labradorite from Madagascar.

☆ Small 1 -2 lb. Average
☆ Medium 3 lb.

The crystals serene vibration calms overactive minds and boosts imagination; it also provides contemplation and introspection.
Labradorite is highly protective and mystical, and that’s why mediums and channelers use it frequently. It deflects negative energies from the aura.
It stimulates intuition and psychic gifts, and it helps bring messages from the unconscious mind to the surface.

Labradorite is a helpful companion during changing times because it increases strength.
It is also a perfect ally to boost self-confidence: banishes insecurities and fear.

It is said that labradorite can’t be used with bad or selfish intentions because it stops its power. Only those with honest and pure intentions can use it.

You can wear or hold it over the heart, but I use it to stimulate or energise my third eye chakra.

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