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Labradorite Bookends

Labradorite Bookends


Labradorite Bookends *rare* High FLASH.


Extra Quality- felt lined + bottom protection for surfaces.

High quality + high vibe Labradorite from Madagascar.



Each crystal  unique in size and shape due to its natural form.


FLASH is a change in colors featured in the laborite stone. 

Flash in main photo is captured! Please note that Laboradites Laboradence changes when light hits the stone. High quality Laboradite like these are a gorgeous grey gemstone when flash is not present.


100% Genuine, Natural Labradorite, "Peacock Blue"


 5-12Pounds/PAIR SET

Medium : 

5- 6 " inches average x 4" W and bigger,

Large: 7- 10" inches tall 

weight:  8- 12 LBs 


Weighty and elegant, they prop up books on your desk or shelf. Natural items, product varies from image.


Planetary charged and mantra infused



. Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed before I ship out to you.

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