Jupiter Candle

Get your Jove on with the Jupiter Candle! Jupiterian and magically appropriate scents/essences of Juniper berries, Hyssop & Sage. The Jupiter Candle is also great to use to purify and banish stuck energy and bring in new and abundant energy!

The Jupiter Candle contains the planetary metal for Jupiter which come from juniper berries. The warm and spicy scent of juniper purifies the aura, clarifies thoughts and protects against negativity. Both Sage & Hyssop are used for their purification and protective properties. Agrippa considered Hyssop a Moon plant. However, it has long been used in many traditions for ritual purification described in Grimoire's of ceremonial magic. Juniper berries also contain Moon properties and are great during the Dark Moon.

Cosmic Candles are handmade under planetary transits and phases to invoke the spirit of each cosmic body and infused with herbs, flower essence & planetary charged crystals.