Gemini Lemongrass Lovers Rustic Edition

Gemini Lemongrass Lovers Rustic Edition


Playful. Mischievous. Versatile

Lavender Lovers embodies the duality between Gemini as the lovers and the twins.

The Gemini Candle contains scents colored through the liveliness of Bergamot, Mandarin, White Musk and notes of Lavender -- an aphrodisiac FYI used by Cleopatra. Androgynous scents expressed through earthy and uplifting Vetiver, a scent thought to promote love especially between the same sex.

 All candles are made with 100% organic and eco-friendly soy wax, creating a smooth and creamy soy candle that burns slow and clean. Candles are made in small batches using quality essential and fragrance oils infused with herbs, flower essence & planetary charged crystals.


Cosmic Candles are planetary infused candles. Each separately and esoterically handmade under planetary transits and phases to invoke the spirit of each celestial body.


Rustic Edition comes with wooden lid, astro box, standard cotton core wick assembly or wooden wick. 

Wick Type