Crystal Massage Wands

Crystal Massage Wands

Cosmic Crystal Massage Wands 

are not only for crystal healing but also for massage and relaxing.Wand  Quartz massage for reiki or massage.

Smooth surface rolls through your delicate skin for deeply relax, no tingling on the skin, just to give you afinemassage experience.

Can be used to massage your , hand, foot, waist, neck, and other body parts.

To soothe tired, relieve muscle tightness.

Comes planetary charged and mantra Infused. 

* CLEAR Quartz wands sex toys crystal;

 · Clear quartz is known as the most versatile healing crystal. It amplifies the energy of any intention, and helps one attune to their highest self and purpose. 

- body-safe, pleasure -

 Crystal Goddess Wand

Size 3.5 -5.5 " inches long.

* *Gray Quartz Massage Wand **

 Amethyst Crystal Massage Wand is beautifully hand crafted and makes a must have addition to any crystal collection.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family and considered a master healer. It is believed to boost the immune system, allowing the body to heal and relieving pain. In crystal lore amethyst is an extremely soothing stone, good for psychic and spiritual development. It is said to be good for the bereaved, bringing comfort and peace.

Amethyst has a wonderful purple that ranges from pale lavender through to deep wine tones. It is aligned with the water signs of the zodiac and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves crystals.

 Size 5.5 " inches long

* PINK AVENTURINE Massage Wand 4"-5" Long 

Approximately 4"-5" long x 1" thick
size 5 " inches 

*Labradorite Massage Wand

Reason: Protective crystal that can shield negativity.

Size 4-5 " inches 

Labradorite is a Barrier Filter crystal. Barrier Crystals are rather rare and powerful. With the inner form of a trapezium, a structure with no right angles, a triclinic crystalline structure gives a crystal strength in all directions allowing it to provide barriers to attack from all directions simultaneously. These Barrier crystals are very effective amulets for defending yourself from the misfortunes of this world. This Labradorite with its shimmering Labradorescence is similar to the science fiction "shield" that protects starships. It is an energy barrier that will keep you from harm.


SODALITE Massage Wand


Natural gemstone wands with rounded ends.

Massage Therapy - Wands are wonderful for treating and releasing trigger points.

 *  DARK GREEN AVENTURINE Massage Wand 4"-5" inch length X 7.5" thick average

Natural gemstone with one end rounded and the other pointed

Massage Therapy - Wands are wonderful for treating and releasing trigger points.

* Unakite Massage Wands 4" -5" inch length.

* BLACK TOURAMALINE Massage Wand : 5.5" L

Massage Wand 4"-5" Long

gemstone with rounded ends

Massage Therapy - Wands are wonderful for treating and releasing trigger points.

* OPALITE Massage Wand
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